Tanahmas Cheese Cake

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dinning out alot these days. No one doesn't seems to hav the mood to cook. Shoooot. didn't brought along my camera. so no pics people. =(

btw, was browsing Angela's blog previous day, and there she wrote about the Tanahmas Cheese Cake which caught my attention. It have been long since i heard about how fabulous their cheesecake was. But due to my mum's GREAT baking skills, i hardly spend any $money$ on other ppl's cakes.

then since, almost everyone in Sibu gave credits to the Tanahmas Cheese Cake so....... i decided to try them out.

to the left was New York Cheese Cake then to the right was the Oreo Cheese Cake.

On contrary, i still think MINE was wayyyyyyyyyy much better than theirs. =) =) =)

See.....i didn't even finished them. but i ate the Oreo though. hehehe.