How to get fair skin?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

99% Asian girls wants to be fair. However on the other hand, the Caucasians were vice versa. Somehow they even say tan are signifying 'healthy' *sweats*.

Like my mum said, "a fair skin can cover the ugliest part." - (some Chinese verbs) O.o

So, here is it. i did some research on the net on how to get fair.

1. Be born with it <<<<---- Sounds like a guy's tone aye?
2. Stay out of the Sun. Use your umbrellassss!! <<<<---- crapness.
3. Ask Michael Jackson <<<<----- LMAO!!!

All right. stop the crap. get to the point now. =P

According to my research; Milk, Honey, Egg white, lemon and Almond are the natural ingredients for whitening.

One of my friend, he used the expired milk to bathe. and yess...its HE, a guy. O.o i found out the guys nowadays are more concern with their complexion more than girls do. hmm...guess time have changed.

Right~ back to the topic.. Do you know that Almond has been used for centuries for natural skin whitening? Well, here is some tips of making a Natural skin whitening mask:

Grin some almonds and save it in your fridge. Then when you want to do a mask, take about two spoons of the powder and make a paste with some fresh milk. It is preferable to apply it on your face before bed for 15 minutes. (that's when your skin are resting) Make sure you rinse it off before you off to bed. =) =)

Another Natural skin whitening mask i did before is:

Mix the egg white (raw one of course) and honey equally. then applied it on your face until it dried. then rinsed it off.

Caution: you wont really like the smell of the egg white on your face. but it does lighten your face. try at your own risk =) =)

Or......perhaps if you are too lazy to make yourself a mask. You might try this, Smooth E Baby Face Foam. I'm sure you will want to try this if you had seen the below commercial ad. =) =) =)

Mannn....the Thailand's commercial ad are just so impressive. they know how to advertise their product well. *two thumbs up* =) =) =) =)


clement said...

saya mau fair skin also.. u wanna help me with it?

Roy said...

the commercial is super hilarious, lol.

LydiaKong said...

clem: u also mind meh?

roy: yeaaa. my housemate shown it to me one. i even asked him to buy Smooth E Baby Face Foam for me when he was in Thailand. but he can't find it elsewhere. =(

Roy said...

==" you very dark meh? thai product?

LydiaKong said...

yea....loll. a bit tanned lo. ym totally anti thai product.

Roy said...

she's rich, can buy lots of better products without caring bout the price ler. ahaha. cant compare with her