sunny day

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beautiful day @ work =)

Happy moon cake day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy moon cake day!

Somehow i noticed it isn't entirely full moon yesterday. O.o did u noticed tat?? hmmm...anyway look at what my generous Boss gave us.

not bad huh?? i never know a mooncake is tat expensive. One can cost up to RM12.50. aisehhh..and for what i heard that hagen daz's ice-cream mooncake can cost up to freaking RM50!!!!. wat the hell!!... =.='' *sweats* unbelievable. and some rich dude actually bought it. *double sweats* O.o

Btw, we celebrated our mooncake @ Shabu Shabu.

looks like sushi belt eh??? indeed it is. =P special nehhh?? very interesting though!!

nice sauce, nice meat, nice day. empty stomach =) =)

this is just a starter...

and this is also a starter... too bad the waiters took away the plate in a wooooshhh! O.o

do u know that?? our family is a fan of shabu shabu aka hot pot. =) boh bien la. we walk on the healthy pathway. O.o i mean them, my parents.

mannn....sharon, wee and my aunt really can eat leh. I thought i'm the so-called 'geng' one. but u really can't compare me to them. *sweats*.

I stopped dy for more than 10 mins liao. but......they were still eating lehh. O.o scarry~~

i heard that the place is always full house. O.o Awesomeee~

luckily we went early.

meet my '姑姑' (aunt) and she does looks like me when she was young. O.o ... so meet the old me la. LOLL....but i hope i could be as skinny as she is. =X toooooo fat ah. any secret diet plan or ways??

Last but not least, a nite view from wee's house. not bad huh?? blink blink ehh. Bubla likes blink blink. LOLL

hmmm.....wait!. the post isn't going to end here. Later on we went to Alvin's house.

Previously, i was saying he is a massive fan of bearbrick. Let me show u a little part of his collection....

the little bearbricks hanging on the wall.

and he even got a glass self to put his *heart* ones..

and meet the BIG ones... RM1300 for that lehhh. not funny! O.o

and meet the Jetter's flower. LOLLL =P

and also meet Esther's coco

From this pic, it somehow does looks like the tiny version of Scrappy Coco from 'Meet the Zohan's movie eh. =X

Coco likes to stick her tongue out..

See.... i told u so. hehehe. adorable aye?

ini pun adorable. =) =) =)

oh yeaaa....u r right. Tat's us playing majong. and tat includes sharon too. LOLLL

nice tiles ehh??

anyway, i'm still learning. a beginner stage. LOLL believe it or not.

to end the post, here's a sneak peek off my chips....

=) =) =) Have a good day !! (= (= (=

Check your saman online

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ever wondering how much saman you got?? Curious??

Well now you can check your saman online. O.o

Click Here

How many you got aye?

May God Bless you!! =) =)

One nite in Sunway

Thursday, September 11, 2008

One nite in Sunway, 我留下許多情......... =P

Had a date with the Sphinxes. Cool lerrrr??? loll. look at his beard, handsome or not??

Nahh....was dinning out with a bunch of Sharon's buddies @ ZEN

having the green tea ice-cream that Dine(one of Sharon's frien) misses. =P

not bad ehhh. WE like it alot!!! =) =)

i was having some prawn bento which costed RM35

and sharon's mix sushi and tempura for RM40. O.o

MJ's idea how much. O.o Doesn't look appetizing to me. =X

some weird looking caterpillar pops out from no where. simply sipping's ppl tea.

is tat pretty or ugly??? i found it pretty ugly lorr. =P i mean the thing behind me!!

Btw, last week was Sunway fever for us. Keep on hanging out there...

There we dine again at some Arabian restaurant. Niceeee~

and we brought our pets along... =) =)

From the bottom: blooby, too tee, and froggy =) =) =)

too kawaiii isn't it??? dunno why we still got the 'stare' from other tables. O.o Probably they envy that we has such pets. =P

what a happy tree friends.

We even brought them into cinema. =) =)

meet the nanny....

an hour later the pets gone wild. LOLL

the sauce ...

The appetizers.

One of the main dishes...

wallaaaaa.....tat's all the dishes on the table. Quite unique though. But its really worth to try. =) =) =) there will be a second time for this. =)

the Arabian tea. ym planned to buy it. But the waiter said it is not for sell. lan si. (proud) =X

and last but not i represent you the SHISHA~

lazy to explain it here. long story. Goggle it if u dunno. or wikkipedia it. or Click here.

i'm so 'sampa lu' (kampung girl/ village girl). i have no idea how does a shisha works nor tried a shisha before. until ym thought me....

she is pro man. and even sharon knows how. *shrinkkkkkk*

anyway, represent u the kiasu Bubla. =D =D =D

tempt 01

trying hard weiiii....


still trying still trying~ addicted liao.


gone high enough dy. but at least got some improvement....

but still failed leh. but i managed to create lotsa smokes at the end. and guess wat, my battery gone DEAD. wthhhhhhhh!!!!.

or u can ask, MJ or tiffany, or ym, or Sharon, or Joanne, ....just anyone of them. if u know... sighh.

conclusion: Bubla is still a good girl =) =) =)

my new pet, my hedgehog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

meet my new pet, my hedgehog. =) =) =)

double look on wat's my hedgehog holding!! SinChan lover out there, does that looks familiar to u??? Huahahahahahaha....

can't really find the picture of SinChan holding his favourite chocs. nvm...but....................Huahahahahahahah again. LOLL

Talk of the Day:
Tooooo muchhh things to blog. Soooooo little time. =(

Kuching Kuching

Kuching, the cat city. =) =)

Bubla have been travelling to kch alot lately. LOLL =P *blushh*

i like this picture. It looks like....the biggy cat hearts the smaller cat but the smaller cat hearts Bubla lehhh. *smilesssss* =) =) =) =)

Choc Jambu @ the Spring. - RM2

actually i wanted the strawberry one. but....its RM5 or RM6 for DUA BIJI. wth. rompak meh??

(translation: DUA BIJI = TWO / rompak = steal)

anyway.....guess wat i found in kch???


my king!!!!!


hehehe......handsome??? gorgeous?? definately!! =P

wanted to adopt him actually. but can't, due to VERY spacious house of mine.

Meet Bubla and her prince. =) =) =) =)

sadly, its not our wedding though. =P

but at least got a bouquet of chocs to hold... for less than a minute. =) =) pretty isn't it?? yes i know. =) =)

and a giant loli.

Thank you, Mr. Choo. =) =) =)

Say....he looks fierce doesn't he??? =P