Sunday, August 26, 2007

Introducing my new pet..... Froggy!!!!

From now on n then, i will bring along my Froggy everywhere i go. =) =) =) =) =)

lurvp Froggy~

Lest We Forget

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last sunday, SiewPing brought us to the Shrine of Remembrance (The Shrine of Remembrance is Victoria's memorial to the men and women who served in Australia during World War I).

She (SiewPing) who just came here for not more than two months brought me (who came here for one and a half year) and Austin (3 years or more than tat O.o) to the magnificent place.

She did the research, printed out the maps, asked around for details and off we go to the memorial park~

Yiiippieeeee~ isn't tat beautiful???

Overjoyed but wont forget to hav some snack. LOLL~

Like i said, tat day i was too overjoyed (slept too much) and SiewPing was too tired (didn't slept at all). So, the overjoyed me thrown them the elephant questions. Read tat from clement's blog.

"How do u kill a blue elephant??"
"How do u kill a red elephant???"
"How do u kill a green elephant?"
"How do u kill a yellow elephant?"
Guess wat?? they pretend not to hear my questions!!! So i kept bothering them with my elephant questions.

After i satisfied with my elephant answers. It's SiewPing's turn...

kena strike back. -.-'' LOLL

Heaps of nice looking badges.

After the Shrine of Remembrance, SiewPing brought us to Royal Botanical Garden. Wat a tour guid she is. hehe...thanks alot.

Oh ya, tat scarf over there, i kept telling SiewPing n Austin:

"Heyyyy~ got free stuff again!!! (at the previous place i saw a fcuk pink cap which i picked it up and exclaimed heyy~ free stuff !!! it matches my top sumore!!)

u know.......the typical 'ah sam' (aunty) me.

ohh....searched for my spiderman again.

found it. LOLL

Planning to climb the branch. but.......too short. hmph~

Didn't give up.

ahhhh.....finally get my butt on the branch. it feels great u know. i sat there for more than 15mins. hehe..awesome~

=) =) =) =) =)

i just love treesssss...

ohhh~ free stuff again. but tat's to prevent the hyena eating me. (hyena wont eat anyone taller to them - holding the branch up like tat makes me looks taller eh. LOLL)

flower beds clock~ pretty eh =) =)

Luvp u - xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Then we went to siu's house for dinner again. Gytha is the one who ate all the food. kekeke~

Early prezzie

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The story starts off by me, coming back as usual (around 10pm) Arriving home, i'll always stopped by SiewPing's room before going back to my own room. but on the particular day (yesterday) i kinda hang around for half an hour or moree...

We didn't really closed the door, so when Austin passed by, he kinda nagged me, "why dun go back to your own room?" Not suspecting anything...i told him i got the keys this time (i forgot my keys the previous day and Austin is the one who hav the master keys)

Then Raymond stopped by, and again Austin stopped by so SiewPing went over to the door. They start whispering sth 'softly' (obviously not wanting me to know). as if i care....continued gluing my butt on SiewPing's bed me, which makes Raymond beh tahan finally uttered out "You got present!!! Your Angel gives you one!!!"

Not believing it....and with my butt still gluing on SiewPing's bed. SiewPing, Raymond and Austin, 3 of them convienced me tat i got a present.

the stubborn me still asking all sort of questions:-

"Really????? My angel meh??? where they put the present?? outside my door mehh??? ON MY SHOES RACK?????? BESIDE MY SHOES????? ON THE FLOOR?????" - O.o

That's when they went super beh tahan and said "You walk to your room then u know lahh!!!"

LOLLL pity them.

So, i went back to my room, and there i saw this.......

sticking on my door. wat a pretty confusing 'map'. (actually it is the other way round. my room is suppose on the left side and the kitchen is suppose on the right)

obviously doesn't wan others to discover the hidden treasure. hmmm........tough one eh. So then i hunt for my treasure accordingly to the 'map'.

found it!!!! ohh...wat's tat. let's hav a closer view...


an enormous prawn just for me. *surprised* *touched* *thrilled*

Early birthday present from Austin. Thanks alot ehh..

btw, it is super delicious. hehehehe..

=) =) =) =) =) =) =)


Sunday, August 19, 2007

you will never understand me.. =)

Happy Mothers Day

I know its a bit late to post up this post. but i just received all the picture mahh...wat.

This mothers day i gave a big surprise to mum. very BIG indeed.

i bought the BIG card ages ago.

then asked sis to design it. not bad huh?? quite talented liao. compared to last time. LOLL

Thanks to LikChyn my 'longest' and 'oldest' best frien for buying the cake and the carnation on the particular day.

Mum just can't stop smiling.

Here is the poem i made last year...

Dedicate to my dearest Mum..

Throughout all these years you have
been taking great care of me,
From childhood to the adulthood,
Through happiness and tears,
Whom I think no mother can compete with you.

You pick me up when I would fall,
You dust me off and then,
Encourage me to get back on
That horse and ride again.

You are a mother of four,
But you treated us fairly with all your care,
Even when we went for further studies,
You still accompany us until we had settled down.

I adore you for what you are,
I missed you from times to times,
But now I have grown up,
For I try not to depend on you again.

You are a woman with a most gentle soul,
That I hope to be like you one day,
A woman who I dearly love,
Much more than words can say.

Written by lydia.k
12.53am, 25th March 2006

Dad are pretty jealous about these. but dun worry Dad. i promise you tat u gonna received a BIG surprise from me when i get back. personally by me.

=) =) =) =) =) =)

It's over..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Beautiful girl =) =)


The power of photo editing. =) =) =) =) =)

Dove evolution.

The vise versa..

Represent you....Bubla evolution~

- The original file -

- The evolution -

Deng deng deng deng ~~~~~

notice the difference? i wouldn't wan to say it here. it is embarrassing enough for me to post it up. find out yourself. =P =P =P =P =P

Here is some conversation between me and my mum:-

Mum : "You ate so much but didn't see you getting any fatter leh??"
Bubla : " forgot wat i study liao meh?"



Thursday, August 16, 2007

Those are the guys tat i hang out with every saturday nite =) =) =) =) =)

Come and join us. its guarantee fun!!!

- starts at 7.30pm.

Contact me for more information. Cheers~


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bubla :- "Not gonna say bad things about others. later kena scold by sister again -.-'' but... i bet u know wat i meant."

White & Nerdy

my new member

Bought this for 10 bucks. Imagination sumore.

cheap nehhh.....dun jealous. hiak hiak~

=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

oh twinkle twinkle litttleee starrrrr arrRrrRRrr~

how i wonder wat u are. how i wonder wat u are.

More winess..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our weekly saturday midnight supper..

Us again - Austin, Raymond, Michael, Dia, SiewPing

Check out on michael's expression. wat a posser.. LMAO~

Two moons on 27 August

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is this a hoax or not?? Judge for yourself when the day comes.

*27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for...*

"Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am GTM. It will look like the earth has 2 moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. Share this with your friends as
NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again."

(The moon taken down by me *proud* =) =) =))

i'm in love......

Friday, August 10, 2007

۰•● me (づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ ❤ (⊙▂⊙✖ ) him ●•۰

i'm in love...... (was actually)

Today i finally told him everything (not everything but i guess he knows how much i love him.......hmm...doubt tat again. doesn't matter.) and stated everything clearly.

Surprisingly, i always thought i might cry like a baby or maybe feeling half dead, either emotionally or physically when i knows he didn't love me at all (which I clearly knows) but today, it’s not tat bad anyway. at least I dun cry… (not tat I’m pretending to be tough. I seriously dun. =) )

Say….if I dun hear from him personally I will never give up. tat’s wat I am. But I did today. felt relieved. =) =) think about it I will no longer need to be emotionally sad over someone who kept on ignoring me.

To my friends out there....

1. Please dun make fun of me and him ever again…it is pointless (I will hammer you if u did)
2. or even report me every bits of his stuff.
3. I know my birthday is around the corner…if u want to celebrate with me please dun ask him out as well.

To him… (not sure he is seeing this post or not. If not…as a frien please tell him. He is a bit blunt.) :-

Dun need to buy me present or even wish me (I know it’s my birthday and as a friend it is bad for not wishing a friend Happy Birthday. I really do need sometime to get over it. Thanks.)

*** Morals of the day ***
...1. Do not trust the tarot cards. It lies….
=) =) =) =) =)
...2. Do not trust faith...bumping into each other throughout your life time doesn't mean tat he is ur soulmate. *cheers..

How i shops..

Went shopping today...This is how i shopped. =P =P =P

New Military Troop from China

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Brother send me some 'interesting' fowarded emails again...

Introducing the........ New Military Troop from China (no idea true or not. Should question the 'da lu' ppl.)



(ah-huek~ ah-huek~ Guess it's only on the guy's point of view. The queen in Snow White fairy tales will kill them for sure. Jealousy:- "Mirror-mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest girl in the world?")

Simpsons me

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

the truth beneath the eaten donut.. (click on for details)

my current msn avatar... =) =) =) =) =)

My angels

Monday, August 6, 2007

Late supper..

Well....i guess the picture tells everything. hehehe..

'Mai leng'....i'm just faking out on this. LOLL

Last year i got this 3 special angels taking care after me. Yeaa...i know i'm such a baby. 2 of them are Siu and Jun. I had been their super 'light bulb' for a year. hehehehe....

wan to know how could i gain 10 kg in just a year??? ask them. =P they are the one who FEED me well. kekeke....

Another one is Amelia. She is the one who brought me to church, youth, my uni, my orentation, open my bank account, get a mobile line, help me to familiarize melbourne city, train routes, borrowed me her comp when my comp crash, and etc..

Wowww....could u imagine tat??

Not forgetting her husband, Johnny who helps me to find accomodation and helps me with the preparation before i came to melbourne.

Ain't they lovely?? Thanks all!!! i will never forget your kindness.

and this year, God sent me........ them

Thank you so much for looking after me so well...

Arigato. 谢谢. terima kasih. merci. gracias. Kamsahamnida. doh jeh. gan siah.

=) =) =) =) =) =) =)

Tagged by Angel Valerie

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Tagged by Angel Valerie

Layer 1 : On the outside...
Name : Bubla
Birth date : 29th Aug
Current status : 'an lian' (暗恋) .. but i think he knows...LOLLL (kiong said tat will be 明恋, but i tot is 单恋. ohhhh chineseeee..)
Eye colour : Hazel
Hair colour : half brown half black
Righty or lefty : Righty

Layer 2 : On the inside...
Your heritage : Chinese (hakka)
Your fear : Spiderman will left me someday..
Your weakness : slackness
Your perfect pizza : Bubla’s pizza

Layer 3 : Yesterday, today, tomorrow...
Your thoughts first thing when you wake up : I always thought abt ah hai..
Your bedtime : 4am – 6am?? I’m drowning the pig watt..
Your most missed memory : the days I spent with my family

Layer 4 : Your pick...
Pepsi or Coke : fanta
McDonald's or Burger King : KFC
Single or group dates : group dates
Adidas or Nike : Nike
Tea or Nestea : lemon tea can or not??
Chocolate or vanilla : I’m a chocoholics!
Cappucino or coffee : Latte..

Layer 5 : Do you ...
Smoke : second hand like clem said..
Curse : MCB
Take a shower : famous quote from Homer Simpsons - duhh!!
Have a crush : I like him but he dun like me wat for lehhh…
Think you've been in love: errr..
Go to school : Uni ….yes
Want to get married : I’m still a kid…
Believe in yourself : Yuppp. High confidence me.
Think you're a health freak : oklahh…influenced by my dad

Layer 6 : In the past month...
Drank alcohol : *blush*
Gone to the mall : famous quote from Homer Simpsons - duhh!!
Been on stage : errr…nope
Eaten sushi : famous quote from Homer Simpsons - duhh!!
Dyed your hair : No $$

Layer 7 : Have you ever ...
Played a stripping game : I stripped infront of mirror got la.
Changed who you were to fit in : I’m proud of the way I am. But my mum said I’m too proud. *sweats*

Layer 8 : Age...
You're hoping to get married : under 40

Layer 9 : In a guy...
Best eye colour : Blue – but I prefer guy with half black frame specs =) =) =) =)
Best hair colour : no light colors
Short or long hair : Short – long hair guys looks messy dun u think so??

Layer 10 : What were you doing...
1 min ago : famous quote from Homer Simpsons - duhh!!
1 hour ago : doing my mask
4.5 hours ago : errr…in my bed. Danpat loo said he gonna bought me the Green Tea Kit Kat. U better be. If not i gonna go to city and hammer you!!!!
1 month ago : errrr….dun remember. *Ohhhh nooo…
1 year ago : multimedia student

Layer 11 : Finish the sentence...
I love : God, my family, my friends and foooooooood
I feel : thankful
I hate : Being alone too...
I hide : my sadness
I need : a lift

Layer 12 : Tag 5 people

*Note: i actually did this last sat.. hehehe.. =P

Why Sharon hates me? O.o

Friday, August 3, 2007

These are the hidden reasons....

*Note the first name of the sentence are her buds then "-" shows how they are connected. if not stated means family members. then "( )" clarify how i know them.

dine - mund (high school mates)

ym - mr.soon (ppl intro one)

connie - matt (church mates)

joshua - jerry (used to chat with him lots)

stanley - sarah (greeted few times)

ee gee - his sister (greeted few times)

hiap lai - His family O.o His cousin, his cousin wife, his cousin’s kids, his cousin mother in law, his cousin wife’s brothers???? O.o (this one not need to say lahhh)

kee nieng - kiong nieng (high schoolmates)

Danny huang - mee tiing (best buds)

justin tu - joanna tu (best buds)

samuel tu - laura tu (close buds)

roy ling - flora ling (but i'm closer to roy)

Daniel - none (I’m good with him personally wat..he is my dictionary)

ian eng - melissa (last time chatted thru mirc O.o)

Angela - Her bro (Kinda challenged him on Reversi. I WON!!! =) )

grace - her cousin (went out sing k once)

Jacinta - her dear (primary schoolmates)

dieng choon - his bro (forgot his name)

Shirin - saw her and her sis in ballet

carol ho - my neighbour wattt...(currently in melb, bumped into her few times)

Tracy - My cousin (….)

Other tiny characters - Keh-leh-feh (Not important)



Wat did i do....

Last few days..

1. KitKatssssss discovery

Been kitkat maniac lately… but the mood was over after discovering there are heaps of the varieties in the market. Hmmm…

Btw…thanks to siew ping for going all the way to city and get one for me (last one). And Danpat loo for going all the way to Camberwell and get one for me (last one either). And me, myself going to the china town buying some back for my friends (last one TOOOO). Hehehe…

a balloon can lighten ups my day. lovet it. Thank u oo..

2. The bloated day...

Went to weina’s house for lunch..then sopia for dinner…

food of the nite..

Gytha and her gelato. she loves ice-cream.

ah na gone overjoyed. LOLLL

me and my gelatosss

boss of the nite

this is a cool motion pic when i took siew ping's photo.. (click the picture to view full size)

then back home still got Ting ting’s birthday for supper… O.O

I’m too full to be true

3. Uni stuff

Been doing uni stuff lately, not homework, not assignment, definitely not exam, just some things need to be settle. =P Next week starts school anyway. Kekekekeke…

4. Spiderpig..

Watched spiderpig with err…frienz. then max Brenner again -.-“ Supaa.. Windy nite….WOoooOooooooo…

5. too much wine

Drank too much and suffered myself. Ever drank until ur hands turned black?? yes i did. horrified~

6. Dominos

yesterday our kawaiii group leader, SIMON deliver pizza for us. Hmmm….wonder its either one of us is his master. tsk tsk…

7. magic tricks

Hiap lai showing some of his lame card tricks thru web cam…. *sweats* And acting PRO there. LOLLLLL yalahh lihai lahhh….