My angels

Monday, August 6, 2007

Late supper..

Well....i guess the picture tells everything. hehehe..

'Mai leng'....i'm just faking out on this. LOLL

Last year i got this 3 special angels taking care after me. Yeaa...i know i'm such a baby. 2 of them are Siu and Jun. I had been their super 'light bulb' for a year. hehehehe....

wan to know how could i gain 10 kg in just a year??? ask them. =P they are the one who FEED me well. kekeke....

Another one is Amelia. She is the one who brought me to church, youth, my uni, my orentation, open my bank account, get a mobile line, help me to familiarize melbourne city, train routes, borrowed me her comp when my comp crash, and etc..

Wowww....could u imagine tat??

Not forgetting her husband, Johnny who helps me to find accomodation and helps me with the preparation before i came to melbourne.

Ain't they lovely?? Thanks all!!! i will never forget your kindness.

and this year, God sent me........ them

Thank you so much for looking after me so well...

Arigato. 谢谢. terima kasih. merci. gracias. Kamsahamnida. doh jeh. gan siah.

=) =) =) =) =) =) =)


clement said...

wah~ ha ha

oneluckystar said...

10 kg..
it's a lot..