Beijing Olympic day

Monday, August 11, 2008

08.08.08 - Friday

it's Beijing Olympic day. its pathetic to those who missed out the opening ceremony. it's Awesomeeeeeeeeeee leh!!!

Percussionists hit their Fou drums at the start of the opening ceremony

Artists perform around an illuminated Globe

btw, tat's the only time i turned on tv1 ever since i was a young kid. After so long, can u imagine that? nvm...but i still think it sucks though. why???

the reporter = ugly

the ad = sucks
the graphic of everything = ulgy + sucks

09.08.08 - Saturday

lik chyn came over during the weekends. She wanted to find some cheap stuff so i brought her to Sungei Wang. To be honest, i dun really like Sungei Wang. its crowded, stuffed, messy, old, dirty, hot, but... its cheap!!! nvmlahh.

didn't really walk in Sungei Wang for ages. it have changed abruptly over the years. i hav no idea it is me or wat. but the stuff in there are awfully cheap!!! we spotted a shop full of RM15 clothes. unbelievable lehh.....but then the shop beside it was even GENG, RM10 per item for everything in the shop!! wahlao eh. Even got pants and printed tees. or a couple of 'good' looking ones. wth...

anyway, my lik chyn (my besties from kinder till now) will be getting marry soon. i still can't believe it. hmmm....

10.08.08 - Sunday

Went to church for the first time ever since i came to kl. WANGSA MAJU sumore. if it's not of my besties, lik chyn keep on persuading me to go, I guess i wont feel like travelling so far. (an hour - can reach sarikei liao eh!!) petrol feel now so high sumore. =.=''

anyway, the church is full with Sibuan. Full of young and energetic children of GOD jumping and hopping up and down while worshiping. even the sound system are awesome. Everything seems to be so perfect. But somehow, it isn't my cup of tea. i rather prefer those traditional, with a bunch of children of GOD wearing white robe singing in choir and full with list of lame rules. my my....i feel so old.


*talk of the day...

Bubla : i wan to dye my hair. i didn't really try on any colors actually. only red, purple, orange, blonde, brown, green.....etc

my ah bui : =.='' *sweats* Wohoa..not much color eh?

Bubla : =P alright i will go for BLUE~ =) =) =)

appreciate your life

Friday, August 1, 2008

Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur: 10-tonne lorry rammed into seven vehicles, leaving two dead and seven injured. (what I heard is actually 3 dead. O.o) and It is learnt that five of the injured were in critical condition.

the aftermath crash.

The accident occurred at around 9am. which is the time i usually off to work! and also the same route I traveled everyday.

Thanks to my sudden tempt of having 'siu mai' as my breakfast... I’m off to work early today and bought my siu mai somewhere near my office.

The scene is horrifying. Imagine you see a lorry jumping down from the fly over and crashed right in front of you. Not just that, the freaking lorry is loaded full with rocks!! when the little tiny hail hit your car screen can cause a slight crack. how about rocks??? Woohaa..i think he probably watched too much batman. And trying to be the dark knight. Though I havn’t watch it yet. O.o Ha-ha. Trying to crack some joke out of it. Dun mind me. =.=’’

But my colleague has a different thought. She was saying, today is the start of the Chinese calendar JULY (perhaps u might not know. In Chinese calendar JULY is the month where all the dead came out from the lower realm.) and behind where the lorry came from is actually a hill full of with tombstones, short form graveyard la. O.o

Sometimes it isn’t actually ur fault. The motorcycle was died on the spot when the lorry smashed into him. Its tragic and horrifying. He was a bomb squad specialist lerrrr!!

Appreciate your life every moment.

Bubla loves u.