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Thursday, December 25, 2008

*Note: This post was written eons ago. But due to my confirmation of staying in Kuching, i do not wish to post this up tat soon. Here is it....Bubla is now working in KUCHING!!!!! =) =)

its 6.45am in the morning. and it is Christmas!!! Merry Christmas People!!

Couldn't really sleep actually, Santa had granted my wish this year. Isn’t that miracle? How awesome. Guess I’m a very good girl this year. =P Have he grants yours?

Many things happened in this December, and even within these two days;

• CCL said there is a similar job of mine offered in kch UCSI.
• I searched for it and its true.
• Asked my boss on the next day if I could be transfer there.
• He nodded. And help me to call over in kch UCSI’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) and recommended me. *toucheddddd*
• On the following day I got a phone interview. She seems to
like me.
• My colleague helps me to get the black and white and yes I got
the job in KUCHING.
• A sudden farewells to my colleagues
• Bye bye Kuala Lumpur and Hello to Kuching!! =)

Even though I got wat I wanted but the happiness feeling doesn’t seem to go along with the Good News. Probably I will be leaving a bunch of my esteemed colleague. It’s a very tight bond we got there. Sadness..

But… sifting back to kch and reunite with my bf (after an exact half a year) is wat all I wished for. =) thank God for giving me this chance of opportunity.

I had made the decision and do wish me all the best.

p/s: Actually, I got another offer to work with a famous Malaysian celebrity (better not name him out here but u can pm me if u wan to know. LOLL) but I REJECTED their offer and choose to be work @ the uptown kuching. BIG sacrifice nehhh. But hopefully its all worth it. =P

Btw, here is one of my ex-classmate during f4 f5 who got marry in this December. He is truly ‘brother’ of mine, Congratulations Mr. Eric Hung Ee Ren!! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to share your BIG day. But I do wish u longevity with ur pretty wife. I’m very happy for u. =) =) *cheers*

Hmmmm….now I’m sleepy =P hope its still not too late for me to shop for my Christmas present. =P Good day!!

Elf yourself

Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Greetings from the Kong's siblings and their pig. =) =) Wishing you a merry merry Christmas. =)

Dear all,

This year 2008 Christmas is gonna be special, as we will perform a dance for u. Please enjoy~~ =) =)

Brought to you by,

Christmas Disco

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Country Christmas

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Please say you like it. Cheers~ Ho ho ho...


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

many things have been happening alot lately. hmmmm... the particular 'something' has finally been revealed.

its definately a shock of century.

looks familiar?? i'm a sailormoon wannabe. =) =) "In the Name of The Moon, I will Punish You!!!" =) =)

i was practicing with this shocking expression for whole day dy. dun ask me why. its for some reason. =P

Ohhhh....... O.o a coconut wig. =) =)

*parents made those wig and i'm just trying out to release my stress. =P aint i beautiful? =P =P

How to shape your eyebrow

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Esther showed me this youtube about xteener earlier on. I think she is awesomely sweet and uberly pleasant looking which makes me watched through all her youtubes. even all her tutorial on hair makeups and hair do are simply easy. especially not too 'loso'. Just perfect i could say.

btw, i always wanted to learn how to pluck and shape my eyebrows. and she got a great one there.

Eyebrow Shaping and Grooming Tutorial

sam xi xi

Do u ever caught in between knowing something....but not knowing fully about the particular 'something'?? sighhh.....really 'sam xi xi' lehh. and this 'sam xi xi' thingy has been going on for abt a week dy. sighhhhhh....

there are so many 'if's and 'maybe's. which end up creating so many assumptions.

say i wouldn't care but when time comes near, my heart beats according to it. how would i not caree??? it does related to me!!

super siennnnnn neh.

- my very first comments off post -

anyway, its nth personal actually. i just wan to write it out LOUD. O.o for those who care; dun need to worry abt it. really nth personal. sighhh..distract my mood only. =.=''

Smiling moon

Monday, December 1, 2008

I wish there is someone there could help me or at least could advise me or perhaps even could even lead me. but sadly i'm all alone. Completely alone. Insecureness flows in my bloodstream. Leaving me no alternative but to be independent.

The aura of weakness surrounds me. Day by day i try not to show my fear, putting on my mask has been my routine. Thicker as it gets, it tend to suffocate me.

I find and I gain through this journey of maze. It makes me stronger by day. Stronger and tougher as time flies. for Bubla is no longer little anymore. Bubla has grown up. =)

29th of Nov is the day i waited for long. its Malaysia year end mega sales. its suppose to be my happy day. My shopping spree. But all moods kill when mr.tension and mr.pressure came.

if u followed up my post a year ago. i'm still not fully recover. but thank God, it reaches 95% for now. pls pray for me as I can’t be over stressed. Thanks.

Even the moon up in the sky are smiling down at me tonite. Thanks for being there with me, moon. =)

p/s: the above picture is real. its taken down by a frien of mine, tonite @ perth. 1st of December 2009. if its not too late why not look for the smiling moon? dun be rude. smiles back aye? =) =) =) =) =)