sam xi xi

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Do u ever caught in between knowing something....but not knowing fully about the particular 'something'?? sighhh.....really 'sam xi xi' lehh. and this 'sam xi xi' thingy has been going on for abt a week dy. sighhhhhh....

there are so many 'if's and 'maybe's. which end up creating so many assumptions.

say i wouldn't care but when time comes near, my heart beats according to it. how would i not caree??? it does related to me!!

super siennnnnn neh.

- my very first comments off post -

anyway, its nth personal actually. i just wan to write it out LOUD. O.o for those who care; dun need to worry abt it. really nth personal. sighhh..distract my mood only. =.=''