Eye on Malaysia

Monday, December 31, 2007

with cousin wee's family and the Bubla's family =)

Eye on Malaysia was supposed to end on Dec 31 2007, which is today but due to the 'sambutan hangat' from the people, it will be extended until next year August 31st (Malaysia National Day).

it was built to celebrate Malaysia 50th year of nationhood and was listed as the tourist attraction for the Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

while waiting for the queue or u might be up there in the gondolas enjoying the beautiful scenery of KL, you might hav the chance to enjoy the International WaterSky Spectacular (short form = musical fountain la)

=) =)

Cousin Stephen also brought us to eat 'claypot porridge' - my dad's fav (da super healthy food =.='')

He also invite us to his house for the Christmas meal.

tat's 'Gu' (daddy's older sister) cooked one. well, not for the turkey. hehe. tat's only half of the turkey. (which costed RM300 for a whole turkey O.o)

Stephen's 'kai yeh' (godfather) is the one who marrinated the turkey and he even did the gravy sauce. Geng huh??

and this is sth i made on the other day. my inari. =) =) =)

Bukit tinggi

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Challenged myself by driving up to Bukit Tinggi the other day. Pulling daddy, sharon and JJ along to 冒险. The journey takes around one hour from my place. guess wat?? we didn't even get lost at all. amazing lehh.

we actually across to the other state, from Selangor to Pahang.

Bubla feels proud nehh. =) =) =)

there i stand on top of Bukit Tinggi (now known as Berjaya Hills). huak huak huak huak...

and on our way to the botanical garden.. =) =)

really sux anyway. quite similiar to the one in 'Bukit Aup', Sibu. doesn't really amazed me......crap. wasted my energy.

can see how tired i was. crap again. panting hard there.

then we went to the Japanese village.

JJ looks weird when he smiles in his 'normal' way. hehehe. he is cute anyway.

to my dismay, nth in there actually. just some japanese post. crappp. could see dad's 4 x 16 dollars entrance fees fly up to the air. flaps ah flaps ah flaps. =.=''

There's only...

some japanese 'pondok' (roy said its booth)

some japanese fishes..

err....no idea wat this called. O.o

some snowman...

a Harry Potter wannabe..

tat's wat i had after the hard exercise...hehehe. refreshing.

Then to our next stop: the Colmar Tropicale (the french village)

i always wanted to come here actually. got tempted when saw on the tv of how beautiful the scenery is.

glad tat finally arrived. =) =) =)

JJ with his funny looks again. hehehe...

and again... =) =) =) =)

the french shops. beautiful isn't it?? =)

behind us is a 'castle'. dun remember wat's it called. somekind of hotel i think.... but built like a form of a castle. very beautiful.

(= nice clock. =)

look at their eyes. say...it's good to hav shades. hehehe..

LOLL. this is funny but pretty.

the food looks great, so is the name 'rainbow beef' but taste awful.

i think i can cook nicer than tat. =P

p/s: we didn't manage to go rabbit park. it's raining. anyway, doesn't matter coz we are the rabbit eaters. LOLL. =X

Happy Birthday Tracy

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The make over of Aunt Jenny (Mum's sister) by Giorgio Armani.

Everyone loves the before pic. Hehehe.

the process...

I assume that everyone loves the after pic as well. hehehe. pretty lerr.

After the make over, she got a session of photo shoot. She looks like 20+ in her photo. Amazing. Could be tracy's sister. hehe.

December 14th, our kawaii cousin Tracy's birthday. With us and her mum, we off to One Utama to celebrate her birthday.

tat's our pretty cousin tracy. =) =)

together with us at "Secret Recipe".

Us.....at the One Utama christmas deco and it's ah neh neh 'askar'. LOLLL

Errr....tat's us again. aahahahahaha. sorry for the camwhore. trying to be chimpanzee holding onto one another. =P

Not forgeting my froggy as well. Photo taken at the Padini Concept Store. =) =)

Ever heard of Carl's Jr.??? the so called giant burger??? well, now got its competitor...forgot wat's it called. Opening soon in Sunway.

ahaha. taken using bro's hp. the quality memang lauya.

Us, once again.....dining at Carl's Jr. a burger for almost RM20 lehh!!!! including tax. =.='' Tracy and Sharon said it's SUPERRRR nice. But for me...oklah. tasted like Hungry Jack. nth special at all. not worth it.

anyway......Bubla wish u a happy Merry Christmas. Enjoy well. =) =)

Here's my Christmas gift for everyone out there....

i know this is silly but it's Christmas anyway. So enjoy my sillyness~

=) =) =) =)

i didn't know why i did tat. But tat dude is funny. LOLL.

More effects...

Oh ya, these are all from the web cam. Sis just bought a new web cam, RM65 and it got heaps lots of functions and effects. Then me and lit bro just got addicted to it and here are we chamwhoring infront of the stupid comp. LOLL

There u go....Muackksss.

Ermm, tat's Anthony Chiew, a very old frien of mine from Christchurch, New Zealand. He required me to put his pic in my blog. He dun wan to be left out as well. LOLL

the ah bui him. can see the fatness. LOLL. i'm sure he gonna kill me for this. hehehehehehehehehe.

too bad u r too far away. blerrrrkkkk.

Where am i hiding?

thanks for all ur concern, thanks for all ur wishes, and thanks for all ur support. THANK you all.

i guess i'm recovering. when the time is right, i will explain it all. =) =)


Well Bubla is back to MALAYSIA!!!! =) =) had come back for more than a month actually. dun be mad if i didn't look for u, i didn't look for anyone else either. fair and square. =)

Even though i had came back for a month. but i still can't really crave in the 'Malaysian food'. i need to watch out every food i ate. =( No spicy food. No seafood. No eggs. No oily food.

Even the portion of my food was cut down by mum. She said i'm too fat. =.='' ahahaha. watever. and stop nodding ur head. =.=''

Here are some 'nyonya kuih' tat mum bought home for our breakfast.

But i dun like sweet stuff for breakfast. But i like theseeeee..........

roasted duck. Yumm yumm.... anyway, tat's for lunch la.

tat reminds me of the roasted duck in China town, Melbourne. Got the horrible and unforgettable strong smell. Just like the pork. yuck~ you will never forget the smell when u ate once. too awful.

Tat's mum and uncle (mum's little bro) at petaling street. actually i just been there trice. The 'chi chiong kai' is not as crowded as before. (few years back). i wonder why?

hmmm....spotted some weird stuff.

well...i guess u need to walk in a terbalik way to cross this road. LOLL. =.='' i know, so lame. ahahahaha.

wait till u see this...

even lame. wth?? who design these? i know i shouldn't point at others. but....LOLL. too flappy neh. how to swim???

saliva drops?? hehehehe...uncle's friend bought for us. Sis said is from some expensive bakery. forgot wat's it called. but anyway, mum finished it all. =.='' she said everytime she took out, no one seems to be interested at all.

i just took a bite nia. seriously.

oh ya, i went to learn how to make bread with mum. Here's some of our accomplishment and Aunt Jenny (mum's sister) as well =) =) =) it tasted sooooo good neh.

Sharon's frien, the snail. btw, JJ accidentally broke its shell. he said he didn't even used any might. LOLL. poor snail.