Bukit tinggi

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Challenged myself by driving up to Bukit Tinggi the other day. Pulling daddy, sharon and JJ along to 冒险. The journey takes around one hour from my place. guess wat?? we didn't even get lost at all. amazing lehh.

we actually across to the other state, from Selangor to Pahang.

Bubla feels proud nehh. =) =) =)

there i stand on top of Bukit Tinggi (now known as Berjaya Hills). huak huak huak huak...

and on our way to the botanical garden.. =) =)

really sux anyway. quite similiar to the one in 'Bukit Aup', Sibu. doesn't really amazed me......crap. wasted my energy.

can see how tired i was. crap again. panting hard there.

then we went to the Japanese village.

JJ looks weird when he smiles in his 'normal' way. hehehe. he is cute anyway.

to my dismay, nth in there actually. just some japanese post. crappp. could see dad's 4 x 16 dollars entrance fees fly up to the air. flaps ah flaps ah flaps. =.=''

There's only...

some japanese 'pondok' (roy said its booth)

some japanese fishes..

err....no idea wat this called. O.o

some snowman...

a Harry Potter wannabe..

tat's wat i had after the hard exercise...hehehe. refreshing.

Then to our next stop: the Colmar Tropicale (the french village)

i always wanted to come here actually. got tempted when saw on the tv of how beautiful the scenery is.

glad tat finally arrived. =) =) =)

JJ with his funny looks again. hehehe...

and again... =) =) =) =)

the french shops. beautiful isn't it?? =)

behind us is a 'castle'. dun remember wat's it called. somekind of hotel i think.... but built like a form of a castle. very beautiful.

(= nice clock. =)

look at their eyes. say...it's good to hav shades. hehehe..

LOLL. this is funny but pretty.

the food looks great, so is the name 'rainbow beef' but taste awful.

i think i can cook nicer than tat. =P

p/s: we didn't manage to go rabbit park. it's raining. anyway, doesn't matter coz we are the rabbit eaters. LOLL. =X


splo said...

Bubla, tht Japan n french village reli reli pretty ah...oh my god...next time l going KL..u must take me going leh...^^...hehehe...

Anonymous said...

bring me 2...!!!

LydiaKong said...

loll...ok no prob.

Anonymous said...

when ler ???

LydiaKong said...

when u come to kl and i'm there as well of coz. hehe..

Anonymous said...

ok deal...!!!make sure u will be in kl next year i will try my best to go to kl...!!!
kl wait for me...i will visit u soon...!!! but ler what else can i do in kl ???