Saturday, March 29, 2008

The sky is crying.

the tears are all over.

Granny has left us....


Babies and Treats

Friday, March 28, 2008

*pokeee* hehehe. =P

Meet Giovanna. =) =) =) 3 and a half months old. =)

Ohhh....she is so cute with the two tiny dimples. and her two 'straight line' eyes as well. hehehe. =P

大 mummy and 小 mummy helping Gytha to wear her princess outfit.

can see Frank coming~

The parents wannabe. Born one lahh Sherline!!!

little princess and me o. She grew up so quickly and nearly forget whois Lydia. =( *sad*

Gytha loves to smile alot when she was a baby. and tat makes everyone loves her. But then grew up, she dun smile as often as she used to be. a bit 'lansi' lehh. can see from her picture above. =X

been invited to ah na's house lehh. Her newly bought house. =) =)

the uncle. ahahahaha... be nice uncle Lai!!

hmmm.....this uncle doesn't look like a 'nice' guy to me. ahahaha. Can see from Giovanna's expression - a bit scared. *"Helpppp me!!!", she said =P*

meet JiaAo. Yesss....he got his own blog. hehehe. geng?? =) =) =)

He is only a month older than Giovanna. But JiaAo is over in everything. As in overweight, oversized O.o

Means he brought up well la. Toooooo....welly. toooooooo pampered. Too many ppl took care of him leh. His grandpa, grandma, mommy, daddy, and Sherline.......

Ruru(JiaAo's mum) : Look at Sherline! When i'm not there, she is there bullying my son! Just look at her...pressing on top of my son! Hmphh!


and me......hehehe. he kept moving le. hard to take photo with him. =)

Meet Abby......She is only 2 days older than JiaAo.

Thanks to John & Rose, invited us to their new home. Another house warming le. =) =) =)

Oppsss....left out Raymond. He came late anyway. and SiewPing who was in UK enjoying her white holiday. =)

Russell Peter

ah hai showed me this again. watched sometimes before. he is funny. =)

Malaysian Dreamgirl


Malaysian Dreamgirl is getting intense. More conflicts came among them. =) =) =)

Yesshhhh. this is wat we(audience) look for. agree?? hmmm.....at least give us some cat fights, tortures o.O, competitions, winnings and nice rewards!!! more ups and downs lehh.

Previously, the girls were like so dead. so boring. so mono toned. =.='' and i was like kept on complaining to Walt. =P he did the web anyway. =) =) *the web was awesome*

and yesterday i kept bugging Walt, "Is it out yet???, Is it out yet???" loll. felt sorry to give him the pressure. =P

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Shine of the day:-
I heard Mum talking to the maid:
"Tolong bersihkan bawah katil itu. Banyak 'binatang' di bawah katil"

Translate in english :- Please clean the bed below. There's lots of 'animals' underneath there.

LMAO. but then ah. suddenly i forgot wat's insect called
in BM(Bahasa Malaysia = the national language) until Clement told me its 'serangga'

my mum never study BM before, so pls be considerate. =) =)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Window seat

Thursday, March 27, 2008

3 reasons why Bubla love window seat.

1. i dun wan to be bother.
2. can see great view from above.
3. can lean on the window while sleeping. {avoid ugly poses to be seen}

But i wont choose window seat for my 8 hours flight to melbourne. O.o

Meet the curvy rivers. =) tat's Rejang river i assume. LOLL. if it isn't then its one of the babies. i'm sure it connects bah. o.O

normally i wouldn't bother to look wat's out there. but yesterday, some how it attracts me. oh... i felt so lame after taking so much flights fro and back home. o.O

Sibu, my home and the place where grew up in. It's consider as a Big Town. but not even a city yet. sighhh...

from the picture, it seems like there's only ONE building huh? hehe..tat's where i used to hang out. sounds pathetic eh. =) =) its called Wisma Sanyan (the tallest building in Sarawak * ohhhh.....i just knew tat again* @_@)

To be truth. i didn't really go out in Sibu and tat makes me unfamiliar with the roads and the places around. Say, my mum is a good cook and tat makes my frequency of going out even low.

Even if i did, i prefer going straight to my friend's house where we can do wateva we want or even invite them over.

Not to say, shopping here is nth, i mean its really NOTHING compare to Kuala Lumpur (the capital city of Malaysia). Consequences, it makes Sibu has least entertainment and places to spend our money.

To conclude tat, its good to live in Sibu. it helps to save ur $$$. =D =D

living with the nature.....how nice?? And some idiots really thinks we live in the trees. o.O

Happy Easter

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sushi buffet @ ZEN.

Sharon said we r actually celebrating ym's birthday. O.o but ym is not there with us....... *sweats*

Dine and Sharon with their 20th sign language camwhore.

Before going into ZEN, Sharon reminded Dine NOT to order any 'rice sushi' at all.

But......guess wat Dine ordered.

LOLLLL. the order went double actually. We thought there is only one per each plate. but who knows......suddenly become 2 sushi per each plate.

remember the Mr.Bean movie? how he hide the disgusting steak?? Well....this is how we hide our rice. LOLLLL

we ordered 10 plates of green tea ice-cream. it was just so nicee. and when it reached 7th plate. i was like... "Heyyy, do u know tat we can actually asked for how many scoops in a plate instead of keep on ordering one scoop per plate?"

then Dine and Sharon was like "ya horrr. nvmlahh.......dun care."


tat's dine, the paparazzi wannabe. curious of wat she was paparazzing about???


great photo taken by her eh??? LOLLLL. i wont say anything as the picture speak itself. =P =P

*sorry aunty. but r u just too special.*

we actually eat until the session end. it started at 12 but we arrived a bit late, around 12.30pm then ate until 3pm???


later on we off to our next stop, the Batu Cave.

Sharon: Hey, do u wan to go to the Batu Cave with us or not?

Dine: Wat??? u guys go so far just to climb the thousand stairs?? come n climb at my condo stairs la. there's 16th floor there.


nvmlahh....she is right. its just stairs there...

and some pigeons...

see how happy sharon was chasing those birds.

some....artificial waterfall.

they are selling those flower necklace...

oh ya, i forgot to mention about Michael Woo. remember him??? my dream guy looks? lolll....he was so keen on meeting me tat i actually asked him to go Batu Cave and pray with me.

and he did....

there's him climbing the stairs with me. he was actually superb busy neh. but then he spend his whole evening with us. =) *thank u*

panting hard eh?? i can hardly smile @_@. both of us couldn't remember when is the last time we exercised.

As u can see there, we are only at 190th step. =.=''

yupp. reached to the top. There's only 272 steps. not thousand lehhh. O.o

Oklahh. =) Not tat bad actually.

tat's inner of the cave. More steps...... =.=''

Curious of wat's on the top of the cave??? Mann.....u won't believe this i tell u.





take a guess before u scroll down??









i know wat r u thinking. but tat's not the answer. LOLL







another guess perhaps???









ok....i dun wan to be loso here...







behold people..






it's the mighty chicken!!! or is tat a Rooster??? O.o

we went all the way up to see a Rooster?? There's 3 of them actually. 3 roosters?????

hmmm....conned. geezzz.

it was so creepy tat we actually spotted many human faces in the cave. tat's one example of it. still got more.......but i dun wish to post creepy stuff in my blog la. Creepy~~~~~

hmmmm.....wat r they lining for???

puzzled. so we sent Michael Woo undercover. LOLLLLL

he is cute. =) =) =)

Well, he actually knows alot of indian words. He said......."anehh" actually means "brother".

and he kinda click with the "anehh" there well. =) =)

this is called "thosai" he said. The Anehh said it's best served with the 'coconut' sauce. (kinda sour) =) =)

we were surprised to see there's actually something inside. O.o

We had a great time under the rain and Michael Woo was so smart tat he brought 3 umbrellas for us. =) =) =)

How well u know me?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Create your own Friend Test here

i played this long time before. its returning again!! =) =) =) =) participants pls =)

Dream guy looks

This is an example of my dream guy looks. Hehehehe..

isn't he cute?? Ohhh...he is just so gorgeous. Drop dead Bubla. =) =)

This is Michael Woo, an internet frien of mine. I remember i found him in friendster and didn't even hesitate to msg him "Hey, i love ur specs." and since then, we hav become friends. =)

Thought of that again, i hav no idea why i did tat. but he is just way too cute to deny. =) =) typically Bubla's type. =D

Recently found him on the New Straits Times. =) =) proud of him neh. =) =) =) =)

Note: Normally i rejected all those ppl who messaged me in friendster or even sending me their frien requests. but he is just so different. =) =) =)


A minute ago, I just asked Sharon cheekly "Hey, do u know wat's KLCC stands for?"

I was quite certain she wont know the answer but to my dismay she answered it confidentially, "Kuala Lumpur Convention Center." *sweats*

"How do u know???" i exclaimed.

"Never worked as a part-timer wont know it," She replied proudly. *cizzzzz...*

Updated: my bad. Sharon was so confident in her answer tat i actually believes her. *stares at her* but actually we are wrong. its Kuala Lumpur City Center. =P

Here we went, to the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) aka Petronas Twin Towers. The twin towers used to be world tallest building until Tapei 101 took over.

Below are the comparison of the world tallest buildings.

Clearly, our Malaysian pride, KLCC ranked the third.

Some ppl may not know wat "Rotiboy" is.

Well, it's THE MOST DELICIOUS BUN i ever tasted!!!!!!! Only a bite of the bun, it will makes u fall for it. *WoooOoo.....sounds poisonous*

See......how happy she is.

for only RM1.80 u will get to taste the MOST DELICIOUS BUN!!. cheap huh?? =) =) worth it.

But i was too full to eat tat. Dine at Kim Gary again. Yes, SiewPing!! Again!!!

Puzzles?? Wat i meant was, SiewPing and I dine at Kim Gary yesterday. Hehehehehe...

She came all da way down to my house and went off to SungeiWang with me and even treated me KimGary and gave me a pure Juicy Couture handbag!!! O.o how sweet she is.

not just tat. It's her BIRTHDAY sumore. yayayayayya....i know. I should be doing tat instead of the vice versa. >.<>.<

If she is a guy, i will suspect tat she loves me. =) =) ahahaha. loves u too, SiewPing!!!