Nite in Melbourne

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the city circle. tat's the only type of tram which is free of charge. Its especially good for a tourist, where it will brought u around city and introducing u the major tourist attraction places.

limousine could be found easily in Melbourne City. Want to hire a limousine for your prom??
here is an example of the quote.

Ford LTD
7 seater, 6 in the back

$150 for the first hour of hire.
$295 for 2 hours
$395 for 3 hours

ok bahhh. not as expensive as i thought. So.....being demanding a bit?? Cinderella of the nite??
Here u go, World no.1 most expensive car, Rolls Royce.

5 Passengers 2 hrs 3hrs 4hrs 5hrs per 1/4
Rolls Royce Cloud LWB $470 $500 $560 $620 $85
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 11 $420 $490 $550 $610 $85
Rolls Cloud Bentley 11 $420 $490 $550 $610 $85

hehehehe. 5 passengers??? share la. worth it. *winks*

this is the federation square, where the Victorians like to gather around and watch footies (football) together. Experienced once before. Very exciting. =) =) =) =)

high tech neh??? =)

the maple leaf is as big as his head. LOL

Yarra river.

Moomba festival is an annual festival, only in Melbourne. and it is consider as one of the largest and longest running festivals in Australia. I was so lucky tat i bumped into Moomba in my trip. =)

This was the 3rd time i hav been to moomba. Moomba festival are full with lotsa happening events; such as the parade, fireworks (ohhhh......the fireworks were just soooooooooo pretty. i was stunned with i first seen it. nth compare to the Sibu's Mighty CNY Fireworks), carnival, bands, river activities, waterskiing, river floats and Birdman Rally.

First time i went with my korean (Jung) and indonesian friend (windoko) - miss them heaps

Second time i went with CM004 then bumped into claytons mates + Matt, Wang hsing, Tom and those gang of theirs.

Third time i went with them.......

we just passed by actually. ahahaha...

LOLLL......hiap lai gonna kill me. wat's so shocked about Michael anyway??? hehehe..

been here before with the perth mates, my parents and JJ, the ultimate family and those above. ahahaha.....seems alot eh?? =) =)

this is crown city, where it will blast with flames. Pretty~.. i remember i hav recorded the video but forgot where i have put it.

Below pictures was taken durin Commonwealth 2006, held in Melbourne.

I was so lucky to witness their opening ceremony. The beautiful scene melted my heart. =) =) =)

the musical fountain. =) =)

The opening ceremony was remarkable fantastic.

Note: the above 3 photos were taken by a frien of mine, Gary. Credits to him. =) =)


clement said...

i want that car too, i wanna go to melb also... ha ha, you care to treat me?

LydiaKong said...

ahahaha. i'm not tat rich. =( need ppl to treat as well. =)