jet lag

Sunday, March 16, 2008

i'm having a jet lag. Waking up real early these days. 6am today, 7am yesterday. O.o

I ate my breakfast. went to market. did some shopping at tesco. ate some junk food. did some minor exercise. watched the morning cartoons and guess wat?? i even taken a nap and sharon was still sleeping like a log. *sweats* she is really a pig. =X


clement said...

not used to the time yet?

Netel said...

:) i feel you... i mean i get up every day so early and i am not use to it.

I really like your layout :)

sharon said...

Tee hee~ I was VERY t.i.r.e.d okay!!! You can't imagine how busy I was for the past few WEEKS! I particularly sleep for TWO or THREE hours every day. That explains the full use of weekends to pay back my sleep debts =D

LydiaKong said...

Clement: better dy =) =)

Netel: thanks Netel =)

sharon: yalah =.='' hehe