Day in Melbourne

Friday, March 14, 2008

Had been in Melbourne for entirely 2 years, I just realize tat i did not take much photo of Melbourne city. >.<

Well, if u ever went to melbourne, i'm sure u have seen this building. This is the Flinders Street Station and it is also the Main train station of all.

Flinders street in 1927. Good maintenance eh??

Melbourne is a the only place in Australia have major tram system. Where Adelaide and Sydney each have only one single line.

The Train, the trams, the buses, are all using one metcard. Therefore u can use the 'metcard' to travel around. convenient eh??

but the cost are considering quite high for a Malaysian student like me.

Daily fares

Zone 1


Zone 2


Zone 1+2


@_@ not easy lehhh... @_@

nvmlahh...u can found carriage in Melbourne city as well. =) =)

But it is quite creepy when u hear them at midnight. "ko-tok ko-tok ko-tok~" *shivers*

they advertise using vehicles. brilliant!!

HiapLai was thrilled tat i brought him around, with extra two 'jie jie'. =) =)

look at their Slurpee. colorful eh?? =) =) =) they said nice. hehehe. i got one too.

One of the shopping malls. i forgot wat's this place called. sorry. >.<

but....nice eh??? bubla loves the old building.

look at these tiny toys. =) =) aint they adorable?


the 'abo' (aboriginals) dolls.

Easter around the corner!!! the bunnies are laying eggs everywhere. O.o

HAIGH'S. my fav chocs nehhh. =) =) =)

this is Lai's favourite. LOLL. many ppl queuing le.

he was shocked tat he gained weight. LOLL.

say.....normal fries dun wan to eat, 'pien pien' wan to eat the LORD of the Fries. wahahaha...

off we go.........shops n shops n shops

luckily we brought along our big purse. hehehehehe...

a model wannabe. =)

ahhhh.......tired after walking whole day. interesting couch eh?? =)