Babies and Treats

Friday, March 28, 2008

*pokeee* hehehe. =P

Meet Giovanna. =) =) =) 3 and a half months old. =)

Ohhh....she is so cute with the two tiny dimples. and her two 'straight line' eyes as well. hehehe. =P

大 mummy and 小 mummy helping Gytha to wear her princess outfit.

can see Frank coming~

The parents wannabe. Born one lahh Sherline!!!

little princess and me o. She grew up so quickly and nearly forget whois Lydia. =( *sad*

Gytha loves to smile alot when she was a baby. and tat makes everyone loves her. But then grew up, she dun smile as often as she used to be. a bit 'lansi' lehh. can see from her picture above. =X

been invited to ah na's house lehh. Her newly bought house. =) =)

the uncle. ahahahaha... be nice uncle Lai!!

hmmm.....this uncle doesn't look like a 'nice' guy to me. ahahaha. Can see from Giovanna's expression - a bit scared. *"Helpppp me!!!", she said =P*

meet JiaAo. Yesss....he got his own blog. hehehe. geng?? =) =) =)

He is only a month older than Giovanna. But JiaAo is over in everything. As in overweight, oversized O.o

Means he brought up well la. Toooooo....welly. toooooooo pampered. Too many ppl took care of him leh. His grandpa, grandma, mommy, daddy, and Sherline.......

Ruru(JiaAo's mum) : Look at Sherline! When i'm not there, she is there bullying my son! Just look at her...pressing on top of my son! Hmphh!


and me......hehehe. he kept moving le. hard to take photo with him. =)

Meet Abby......She is only 2 days older than JiaAo.

Thanks to John & Rose, invited us to their new home. Another house warming le. =) =) =)

Oppsss....left out Raymond. He came late anyway. and SiewPing who was in UK enjoying her white holiday. =)


clement said...

wah.. ha ha, when you going to have one of your own mini you?