Window seat

Thursday, March 27, 2008

3 reasons why Bubla love window seat.

1. i dun wan to be bother.
2. can see great view from above.
3. can lean on the window while sleeping. {avoid ugly poses to be seen}

But i wont choose window seat for my 8 hours flight to melbourne. O.o

Meet the curvy rivers. =) tat's Rejang river i assume. LOLL. if it isn't then its one of the babies. i'm sure it connects bah. o.O

normally i wouldn't bother to look wat's out there. but yesterday, some how it attracts me. oh... i felt so lame after taking so much flights fro and back home. o.O

Sibu, my home and the place where grew up in. It's consider as a Big Town. but not even a city yet. sighhh...

from the picture, it seems like there's only ONE building huh? hehe..tat's where i used to hang out. sounds pathetic eh. =) =) its called Wisma Sanyan (the tallest building in Sarawak * ohhhh.....i just knew tat again* @_@)

To be truth. i didn't really go out in Sibu and tat makes me unfamiliar with the roads and the places around. Say, my mum is a good cook and tat makes my frequency of going out even low.

Even if i did, i prefer going straight to my friend's house where we can do wateva we want or even invite them over.

Not to say, shopping here is nth, i mean its really NOTHING compare to Kuala Lumpur (the capital city of Malaysia). Consequences, it makes Sibu has least entertainment and places to spend our money.

To conclude tat, its good to live in Sibu. it helps to save ur $$$. =D =D

living with the nice?? And some idiots really thinks we live in the trees. o.O