Friday, March 21, 2008

A minute ago, I just asked Sharon cheekly "Hey, do u know wat's KLCC stands for?"

I was quite certain she wont know the answer but to my dismay she answered it confidentially, "Kuala Lumpur Convention Center." *sweats*

"How do u know???" i exclaimed.

"Never worked as a part-timer wont know it," She replied proudly. *cizzzzz...*

Updated: my bad. Sharon was so confident in her answer tat i actually believes her. *stares at her* but actually we are wrong. its Kuala Lumpur City Center. =P

Here we went, to the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) aka Petronas Twin Towers. The twin towers used to be world tallest building until Tapei 101 took over.

Below are the comparison of the world tallest buildings.

Clearly, our Malaysian pride, KLCC ranked the third.

Some ppl may not know wat "Rotiboy" is.

Well, it's THE MOST DELICIOUS BUN i ever tasted!!!!!!! Only a bite of the bun, it will makes u fall for it. *WoooOoo.....sounds poisonous*

See......how happy she is.

for only RM1.80 u will get to taste the MOST DELICIOUS BUN!!. cheap huh?? =) =) worth it.

But i was too full to eat tat. Dine at Kim Gary again. Yes, SiewPing!! Again!!!

Puzzles?? Wat i meant was, SiewPing and I dine at Kim Gary yesterday. Hehehehehe...

She came all da way down to my house and went off to SungeiWang with me and even treated me KimGary and gave me a pure Juicy Couture handbag!!! O.o how sweet she is.

not just tat. It's her BIRTHDAY sumore. yayayayayya....i know. I should be doing tat instead of the vice versa. >.<>.<

If she is a guy, i will suspect tat she loves me. =) =) ahahaha. loves u too, SiewPing!!!


Adriana said...

Correct me if I'm wrong. No offence but the KLCC for Petronas Twin Towers actually stands for Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The Convention Centre is the new building next to it for conventions and seminars.

Btw, I love Roti Boy too. It was RM1.50 2-3 years ago. I guess the inflation and increase of the price of flour can justify the 20 cents increase.

LydiaKong said...

ahaha. really? i didn't really checked since my sister was so sure. sorry about that. hehehe.

yea. Roti Boy is the best!! =D =D

lai said...

eh.. sharon looks gorgeous wehhh..