Isn't the right time

Friday, September 28, 2007

I bet some of u hav been awaiting me to post about my lovely weekend. but the 'lovely' thingy doesn't really suits my mood now. i hav been Duper Moody these days. really Duper. Sorry~

i'm on my very high peak now. Sometimes i wish to call back and tell mum or dad abt it. but.......i did better keep it to myself. havn't talk to them for weeks.

Duper Sadness..


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little sunshine can't shine today. Why?? i feel suffocated. i need some air. i don't know how long can i hold onto. sometimes i feel like giving up and left Aus. Going back to M'sia and do wat i am suppose to.

Taking a master here isn't really a good choice.

Not as easy as i think.

totally different field.

Hav been defeated......badly.

blame my slackness.

does tat means i'm not interested?

i hav walked so far.

it's so tough.



when will i surrender?

i'm struggling to survive.

school kids

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Didn't really sleep well last nite. Or could say...didn't sleep at all. Off to uni early sumore. And on the train, i bumped into a bunch of school kids!!! It's like the whole cabin were full with kids!!! *sweats*

U can't imagine how bad i felt. @_@

Then back home, i made this....

to balance up myself. =) =) =) =)

Point u

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Whenever you start to point at someone, do remember.....

this phrase..

"If you point your finger at someone, remember there are 4 more pointing back at you!!"

you aint tat good either..

Mid Term Break

Time flies, half semester had passed. Gonna hav my one week break but a break isn't really a break....sigh.

18th Sept - Major Assignment Due 30% overall
19th Sept - Individual Assigment Due 40% overall O.o

then...after the break

25th Sept - In-depth report and presentation 30% overall

Vomit blood~ Please pray for me >.<


Thursday, September 13, 2007

i kinda like this song, the way they shoot, the camera angle, the way they adjust the color, the flows also not bad. its prefect~

Phantom of the Opera

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On a date with Matt....

the ticket stated everything.

the mood on the nite was a total huge swing.

i dunno wat to tell.... and i dunno how to tell.....way too speechless.

definately not a good one.

but the show was great. =) =)

Some cried but.....i just feel the pain.

the original opera..

Insect Catching Vacuum

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When I came back home late yesterday, Frank told me Sherline got leave some food for me. Then, when i walked to my door, John gave me a full bowl of 'mo-mo-cha-cha' (overheated lately, so better drink a bit).

And on the previous nite, i was bz doing my assignment so i didn't go to da church. And guess wat?? My Angel 'ta pao' me some 'xiang mao ji pa fang'.

Wahhhhhh.....i feel so 'sayang' nehhh....

=) =) =) =) Thank u o..


We are given an assignment. It was about developing a new product for a specific company. We come out some brilliant ideas like...

1. a mobile battery recharge vending machine for telstra (Aus well known mobile company)..

but got rejected by our lect...coz it's the project gonna be too big.

then we thought of sth small..

2. a pen and at the other end is a correction pen for smiggles (a very popular stationary stores in AUS)

but got rejected by out lect...the project too small. -.-''

and then we come out of..... (lazy to explain) 6 total different ideas.

but.......ALL kena rejected -.-''

Then finally.....i came out this brilliant idea..


Product Proposal – Godfreys “Insect catching Vacuum”

The Insect Catching Vacuum is a portable gadget which you do not need to kill them and leave stains or even dirt your hand. It will substantially suck the insects and electrical kill them. It is guaranteed safe for humans and absolute hygienic. It is especially designed for housewives.

Commencement Date : 10th September 2007

Launch Date : 10th February 2008

People Required : 10 person

Development Budget: : $250,000

(7 is always my lucky number)

Nice one...i would like it to hav it for myself. hehehe..

=) =) =)


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Miss the Oldies...

Suddenly miss him....

OMG....i was so thin back then O.o

my baby brother. isn't he cute??

=) =) =)

Deadlines + Final exams

Very depressing lately.

Heaps of Assignments deadlines + final exam.


Monthly Ticket

Saturday, September 8, 2007

My monthly ticket due yesterday. Sob sob…can’t take trains whenever I wanted….. or busses or trams.

Melb transportation fares are considered the highest in among Australia.

It gained sumore in this July. Vomit blood.

As u can see, month could cost u AUD102.40.

Even if u own a car, the petrol fees wont cost that much either. It’s killing.

Sakit hati~

Milk vs Coke

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Next week Bubla gonna sit for her final exams and together with the piling up heaps of assignment deadlines.

People!!!! Pls pray for her. Arigato. Thank u.

busy busy day~

lack of calcium lately so I drank almost half carton of milk (1 litre) yesterday. And guess wat?? I dozed off directly right after I drank one full cup of milk. Sleep soundly sumore.

Stupid milk!!! )@($@)#&@!!_!@!!


Well, there is a myth, saying tat coke will keeps you awake. Infact of drinking coffee, I drank coke. Why?? Hmmm…

1. I dun wan my teeth turned yellow
2. Coffee makes me dizzy
3. I got no coffee
4. Hot beverage makes me soothing (soothing = sleepy)

Focus Group

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Went for a focus group yesterday. It was a great experience. Interviewed by a smart handsome ABC, Alex.

was having a great fun. Together with starbucks refreshments, Juice and muffins and also 50 bucks insentive included. =) =) =)


22th me

Everyone is asking me about how i spend my birthday this year. Well, i'm officially 22 now.

I celebrated early this year. Coz on the particular day I got class until 8.30pm. however on 29.08.2007 tat nite, our lecturer hold us until 8.40pm. -.-‘’’

Hmmm…back to the early celebration. A week before my actual birthday, like usual I went to AiLeng’s house every Monday (tipu makan tipu minum), then her cute housemate Jessie bought us a birthday cake (AiLeng got the same birthday as mine)

22 berries. It’s an ice-cream cake. Looks yummy lerrrr~ kakakaka..

The to be 22th me, havn't stepped myself into any Casino yet. So no matter wat, i need to go to casino. 'diu lien'

so.......heh hehh~


inside crown

outside crown

triplets me. hehehehe... (ya, i know i looked awfully chubby here. diet soon. LOLLLL)

I did went into casino. but didn't take photos nia. bet 10 bucks tat day. Lost all. LOLL. fun fun fun fun fun~

Then during the weekend, our cell group CM004 came to our house for pot-luck. =) =)

And the following day, we went to Yamagata (a very famous Japanese Buffet in melb – heard tat from Ying and TingIng. Makes my saliva drop nia.)

We eat until our stomach bolted. =) =) =) All u can eat neh. Luv the ice-creamss. It taste awfully gooooood. Hehe.

Tat's our kawaii Austin again. u can see his hand holding still there...but his mouth keep on moving!!! LMAO~

toooooo kawaii 'ke ai'.

Oh nooo...really beh tahan. LOLLLLLL~

Froggy n Us =) =) =) =)

After dinning at Yamagata, we flipped thru the Melway and simply pointed on where for the next stop. Chak-lok-chak-bing-bing~ LOLLL

Guess where??? ….

To the BOWLING ~ LOLLL (check it out on Michael's weird act again. LMAO~)

A princess to be of the nite went for bowling. Can u imagine tat?? Hehehe…but it’s awesomely fun!!!!

I played really bad at first. But when I wear on my specs, I become a SUPER BUBLA. LOLLL. And tat’s the first round I played.

Ever heard of people playing bowling and the ball rolled backwards?? Well u seen tat a lot in the tv. Ahemmm….. *blush* I played the scene on the day. Goshhh….i can’t believe it myself either!!! I loose control leh weiii. my nails broken =( =( =( *blush*

Tat’s princess of the day. LOLL

And some of her bodyguards performing some……i dunno wat’s it called. View it urself la. Ahahaha… *stomach pain*

Happy 22th Birthday Lydia !!!!

Oh ya, On my 22th birthday, i received heappppppppps of gifts. Heapps!!!

Got cardigans, dress, perfume, purse, shoes, tees, heels, 'ai xin' dumpling, 'ai xin' lobster, 5 tiny dolls, angpauss, little bonsai, froggy, wines, cards, wishes, and more wishes, and more more wishes. hmmmm.....wat else eh?? did i missed anything?? too much wehh. but happy =) =) =)

Oh ya....thanks to Aunt ah hua who cooked me 'soh mee' on my birthday (long life mee)

Mucho Gracias People. Thank u thank u...

touched when mr.Poh Jih Liang called all the way from Sabah. very unexpected leh. LOLL...but thanks anyway.

oh ya...and MCBss from my lovely ah hai. -.-'' tat's his style. LOLL fuck u la. but thank u too. =) =)

I didn't realised Raymond record this until i saw the video. *sweats*

Wat a wonderful birthday~

=) =) =) =) =) =) =)

*Updated* The blood moon

This is an updated post. My freaking slow connection unable me to upload everything up successfully. Btw here is our crazy housemates watching lunar eclipse together.....

we r too lovely. =) =) =) =)

Somemore pic of our crazy housemates act....

Tat's John, Austin, Michael

Me with John with our mini tripods. LOLL...

and ting ting busy informing her friends about the blood moon.

here comes the 'kiasu' Bubla.....




Wednesday, August 29, 2007 - 2:11 AM

the two moons are fake but the blood moon are real!!!!

I experienced my first eclipse when i was in primary school. it was the 'solar eclipse' (which occur at the day time).

i remember we used the black paper thingy to view it (for eye protection as the UV are the highest during the time).

Whereby, tonite i experienced the 'lunar eclipse' (which occur at the nite time). it's fine to view with the naked eye. So....... i took heapsssss of pictures. kekeke...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i apologise for my bad quality camera. but tat's the best i could do. hehe..

the whole process took around 2 hours (starting from 7:15pm till 9.40pm - too bad malaysia can't see this. we r two hours ahead. it is still bright there). but as i remember the 'solar eclipse' which i seen back in m'sia seems to be quite fast??? hmmm.... O.o

The next total lunar eclipse visible in Australia will occur in December 2011.

Mamula Moon

Saturday, September 1, 2007

This is sooooooooooooo shocking. i dunno wat to say. MALAYSIANS!!! hear it urself. judge it urself.

Presenting the 1940s Hawaiian love song:-

Mamula Moon~