Milk vs Coke

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Next week Bubla gonna sit for her final exams and together with the piling up heaps of assignment deadlines.

People!!!! Pls pray for her. Arigato. Thank u.

busy busy day~

lack of calcium lately so I drank almost half carton of milk (1 litre) yesterday. And guess wat?? I dozed off directly right after I drank one full cup of milk. Sleep soundly sumore.

Stupid milk!!! )@($@)#&@!!_!@!!


Well, there is a myth, saying tat coke will keeps you awake. Infact of drinking coffee, I drank coke. Why?? Hmmm…

1. I dun wan my teeth turned yellow
2. Coffee makes me dizzy
3. I got no coffee
4. Hot beverage makes me soothing (soothing = sleepy)


clement said...

you're writing like you're 3rd person