Mamula Moon

Saturday, September 1, 2007

This is sooooooooooooo shocking. i dunno wat to say. MALAYSIANS!!! hear it urself. judge it urself.

Presenting the 1940s Hawaiian love song:-

Mamula Moon~


clement said...

this is so yesterday... ha ha, the original is still better.. negaraku have to pay royalty for using this?

Daniel said...

actually negaraku is based on the melody of mamula moon. It's in history. When Malaysia just became independent, the people were good. As time passed, the people became shit. Nowadays there are lotsa imposters. But before this, in the early days I believe they were ok.

Neo said...

That's the song negaraku was based on. Clement, haha Malaysia will become pokai if we need to pay royalty for the song!

Daniel said...

but lol. It's pathetic that our national anthem had to be BASED on some other song.