Insect Catching Vacuum

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When I came back home late yesterday, Frank told me Sherline got leave some food for me. Then, when i walked to my door, John gave me a full bowl of 'mo-mo-cha-cha' (overheated lately, so better drink a bit).

And on the previous nite, i was bz doing my assignment so i didn't go to da church. And guess wat?? My Angel 'ta pao' me some 'xiang mao ji pa fang'.

Wahhhhhh.....i feel so 'sayang' nehhh....

=) =) =) =) Thank u o..


We are given an assignment. It was about developing a new product for a specific company. We come out some brilliant ideas like...

1. a mobile battery recharge vending machine for telstra (Aus well known mobile company)..

but got rejected by our lect...coz it's the project gonna be too big.

then we thought of sth small..

2. a pen and at the other end is a correction pen for smiggles (a very popular stationary stores in AUS)

but got rejected by out lect...the project too small. -.-''

and then we come out of..... (lazy to explain) 6 total different ideas.

but.......ALL kena rejected -.-''

Then finally.....i came out this brilliant idea..


Product Proposal – Godfreys “Insect catching Vacuum”

The Insect Catching Vacuum is a portable gadget which you do not need to kill them and leave stains or even dirt your hand. It will substantially suck the insects and electrical kill them. It is guaranteed safe for humans and absolute hygienic. It is especially designed for housewives.

Commencement Date : 10th September 2007

Launch Date : 10th February 2008

People Required : 10 person

Development Budget: : $250,000

(7 is always my lucky number)

Nice one...i would like it to hav it for myself. hehehe..

=) =) =)


clement said...

u got the pic lioa.. is that someone else's idea? how about all my idea? i still like the sanitary pad idea.. ha ha