i'm back people!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

i'm back people!!! this blog is back to alive. i know some of u sure miss me right??? hehehe....

anyway here are some updates for u. i'm now working in kl, Jetter Holdings Sdn Bhd (UCSI). Know UCSI right?? Its University College Sedaya International. =) =) =)

oh yeaa, some of u might hav not know, i was working in my mum's friend's shipping company. Rightt.....it got nth to do with wat i studied for. but its a great experience. =) =) thankiu thankiu...

the youtube of the day...i like travelling and exploring the outer world i mean outer Malaysia. hehehe..

if u hav seen wat's above....u really wouldn't want to miss this one below..

i like him. he is cheerful as i am. =) =) =) hope he could shine u as well. Hav a nice day people!!!!

Satay in Sibu

as big as kajang satay????

it started off few years back when Bryan first treated me Satay. then ever since then, i keep on asking him to treat me satay. =D =D =D

Thankiu for ur lovely gift, bryan!!!!

oh ya....and also Thanks to Walter's gifts and Connie's as well. didn't manage to take the pic. was a bit busy back in sibu. Sorry eh. But its really nice of u ppl to think of me. Awwww....*touched.

this is Roy with his mouth full with satay. LOLLL.

and my ah bui with his 'shui guo bin' =) =)

oh yeaa...this is my ah bui lor. tat's the proper picture of him. ahahaha.. i know many ppl keep on complaining about me not showing his proper picture. but i like his tongue bahhh.

will tell u more about our stories....sooooooooooon. =P *blush*

i particularly introduce him to most of my best frien. who else havn't meet him yet? hands up. loll. ke ai lehhhh..

pataya. i like pataya. know wat?? this dish takes more than half an hour to cook it. @#*@#@$#%# hate waiting.

familiar?? this is SMK Methodist's hall. My ex-secondary school. We went there to watch school uniform talent show. Mannnn....BB really sux.

My farewell satay. Bryan said he gonna treat me a hill of satay. indeed he did...hills of food.

ok lahh.....whole table full with my favourite food. Wahhhhh....tat's soooooooooooooo nice of him. thanks alot BRYAN!!!!!!!

btw....tat's Connie Lau's hand. loll. sorry for the late photo. but i will definately post it up like i promised. huak huak huak huak~

The video below is too dark to be view.

There's actually a cat sitting under our table but it just wont go away. Not even how hard i kicked it. It just laid still there. I know i'm not a good girl O.o

and meet the standing cat.

dunno why i found cats a bit eerie. but mimi wong(my ex-housemate's cat) are definately different.

Anyway, i'm sorry if i didn't take any picture with some of u. But thanks for going out with me. =) =) =) =) miss u all.

my apology

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I know i hav been away for quite sometime. my apology to all my readers. >.< Thanks to those who keep coming back to my blog.

So wat hav i been doing all these while??

1) As usual.....bz with my work. @.@ so after came back already drop dead.

2) I went to kl. I went to kch.

3) Ah lin came to sibu. So need to bring him everywhere O.o Blame him. he is the one who keep me away from blogging. =P

This is ah bui... my good frien =D

p/s: actually i got a lot things to blog about. but time passed and things piles up. so nvmlah...ahahaha.