Mai Kit Kat collection

Friday, November 28, 2008

These are all the way from Melbourne.

I'm so touched and thrilled when i saw this much kitkats. These kitkats came only in seasons. Its different types somemore. and its limited edition!!! (which NONE of them could be found in MALAYSIA) i'm so blessed to have this special friend, a friend who knows me well, a caring frien, a thoughtful frien who keep all those for me and sent it back. Isn't that great to have a frien like that?

Thankiuuuuu Siew Ping!! you are the best!!!!

btw, Hiap Lai said he 'accidentally' taken some. =_____________=''' *triple sweats*

and these are my other souvenirs received from my colleagues. it was bought when they went holidays or out stations. very thoughtful as well. =) =) Thank u all. i know u all loves me i love u all too. *muaaaaackkkkzzz* loll


Thank you for making my day lovely. =) =)

The power of Makeup

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Probably some of you have seen this before. its from some forwarded mail. This is awessommmmeeeeeeee...!!

Even though I can master the power of photoshop but sadly, i still can't master or even a degree on the power of Makeups. O.o

isn't she lovely??? soooo dolly nehhh.

and this is before....

dun pengsan. LOLLL. Pictures could be deceiving. =X

Here are the process of her transformation. Goshhh...i really should learn this. =P

1. the before picture first.

2. Add contact lens that enlarge her pupil, and double-eye lids Sticker & Glue. (i found out this step does transform alot dy O.o)

3. Basic moisture cream to keep face healthy.

4. Foundation is important! make skin tone more even, IMPORTANT!! apply VERY little amount of Foundation at both side of the cheek, in order to make your face look longer and slimmer!

5. Concealer is to cover up all flaws, such as eye bags, pimple and wrinkles.

6. Next Add natural Fake eye Lashes & draw a nice brow!

7. Adding mascara at the bottom eye-lash, in order to make both upper and lower eye lash even.

8. Add eye liner.

Longer eye-liners! longer the better, make small eyes?look not only bigger, also longer as well.

9. Add eye shadow. use one dark and one lighter colors to blend.

10. Add lip gloss and blusher! & Lastly Style your dolly hair!

Wallaaaaa.......Here's our pretty girl.

But lotsa stepsssss nehhh. Could Bubla master it?? hmmm....doubt tat. =P

better than plastic surgery hor? Makeups could be deceiving either.

Wish me luck eh.

Ear Candling Steps.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I guess it is hard to do it on your own. But i did try it myself and the outcome was not tat frightening though. Only bits compared to the one did by my masseuse. O.O

Well, as per requested, below is the picture of exactly how an ear candling is done.

Anyway, if u still wan to do it your own. All u need is a paper plate. But the 'kiamsiap'(cheapskate) me, I did only use a piece of paper and poke a hole in between.

So why when my masseuse did was tat many?? Here are some of my analysis;

1. Her candle is much bigger than mine. Could suck more i perhaps. O.o
2. She dropped a few drops of 'liquid' into my ear to moisturize my ear wax and waited for 15 mins before the burning process.
3. She massaged my face in tat 15mins waiting time.
4. during the process of those burning candling, she massaged my face as well.

Ear Candling is not advisable to be done alone. Its recommended to be done by professional masseuse. You wouldn't want to burn your ear don't you?

Ear Candling

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My masseuse told me ear candling could cure my morning sinus and some even said it could help alleviate the painful effects of chronic headaches or any sinus conditions, ear infections, allergies or vertigo, as well as minor hearing loss due to excessive earwax build up.

But wat i learnt from wikipedia; "According to medical researchers, it is both dangerous and ineffective."


However, in Malaysia ear candling treatment have been spreading widely.

i bought this for RM1.30 for two. and yes it is very cheap if compare to outside. =P it was from warehouse anyway.

but this came all the way from US which could cost up RM20 per stick. and it was known to be made with natural ingredient.

the whole treatment cost me RM120, approximately an hour.


if you would like to see the outcome of it, just scroll down and if not you can CLOSE the window now. But before that i need to warn you, it is not as delightful as it you think. So be prepare.













weiiii....i know this is disgusting okay!!. but i did constantly asked my masseuse, "are those really all mine???? all came out from my ear canal???" O.o i was shocked as well okayyy... >.<

it actually took me figuring out for long that should i post sth like this.... which could ruin my beautiful reputation. *Ohhhhhh....* and yet if i didn't post it up you people out there wouldn't know there could be tat much 'sai' in our tiny hole horrr.

oh yaa... the brown color one is my ear wax, not the white one. *blush*

Now i'm clean already. But are you clean yet? =P are your ears getting itchy???


Port Dickson

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Few weeks before the Port Dickson day.....

Sharon and I went to have some sort of vietnamese cuisine @ leisure mall. its to celebrate my confirmation. Yes, i'm confirmed in my company. Congrates me. =) =) =)

this reminds me of melbourne. my first vietnamese i had was in melbourne. i dreamt of getting back to melbourne again yesterday. the dream wasn't my first time. the dream was so real, as i could even smell the aroma and even can feel it. everything seems to be so clear in my mind. i guess i still misses melbourne alot. ='( everything felt like yesterday.

the time i spent in Melbourne was my happiest moment. full of unforgetable memories; the sillyness; the laughter; the warmess of friends; the kindness...and lots.

hmmm....better stop here. getting emotional aye? hhmmmmmm....

Congrates to my two besties. Li Ing and Mee Ting for their graduation. I just figured out, it's hard for us to meet and gather now or even sleep over at each other place and gossip. everyone in different places and got their own things to do, own career. haiihhh....another emotional matter.

Nvm, let me show u the 'prettiness' of Port Dickson. Daddy and Mummy dropped by two weeks ago. Sharon and I drove to Port Dickson to meet up with them. they are busy so only left Sharon and me.

isn't it pretty?? =) =)

Sharon said i live in lies. Why??? Because the picture above or the picture of mine below this post is not wat you think it is. time changed. last time they said picture can't lie. but they are wrong. Port Dickson is not wat u seen above. it is the HIDEOUS beach i ever seen. full of rubbish and some dirty black oil. very disgusted beach.

"i'm just living in prefectness, i want my life to be prefect." this is what i replied to her.

but we still went for kayaking. O.o RM15 per hour. horrible terrible and vegetable lehhh. i meant the beach not the kayaking. the kayaking was fun but the beach was really dirty. i even can feel the itchyness on my skin when i arrived there. you know how allergic i was. =.=''

we r too lazy to drive out so we just had our lunch in the resort...

tat's Sharon's chicken chop.

and my lamb chop. VERY costly O.o mine beat them lots lahhh. this is why sometimes i hate to dine out. hmmmm..... i'm not hidung tinggi. but its real. =P

Later that nite, we drove to the town for some craving. We dunno which or where is nice. So, we judge by numbers of people in the restaurant. =)

and we called for their signature dish. =) =)

ate too much crab lately. O.o that was actually the third time i had crabs in a month time. =D =D

clams with fried eggs. Yummmmyyyy~

and even satayssss. =) =) =) can u imagined the portions and the numbers of the dishes were just only for Sharon and me. O.o i wonder what our stomach made of??? hehehehehhe =X

and i wonder how could the campers stayed in such a dirty place. O.o the beach are full with those tiny weeny disgusting bugs. and even the ice-cream tasted like sea water. GELI!!!!!!

Smooth E

Friday, November 7, 2008

To my beloved melbourne ex-housemate, my other four members of 'Ultimate Family'; any idea what's this??

IT'S SMOOTH Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! =) =)

the kiasu bubla strike again. I want it. i will have it. =D =D =D

Huahahahahaha...Opppssss *blush* laugh too loud. kekekeke~

To others:

Seeing the tube below will make u understand well. =) =)

Mannn...i just love Thailand's commercial. =D =D

check it out on how i turn into.....

chio or not???? *blush* LOLLLLL