Ear Candling Steps.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I guess it is hard to do it on your own. But i did try it myself and the outcome was not tat frightening though. Only bits compared to the one did by my masseuse. O.O

Well, as per requested, below is the picture of exactly how an ear candling is done.

Anyway, if u still wan to do it your own. All u need is a paper plate. But the 'kiamsiap'(cheapskate) me, I did only use a piece of paper and poke a hole in between.

So why when my masseuse did was tat many?? Here are some of my analysis;

1. Her candle is much bigger than mine. Could suck more i perhaps. O.o
2. She dropped a few drops of 'liquid' into my ear to moisturize my ear wax and waited for 15 mins before the burning process.
3. She massaged my face in tat 15mins waiting time.
4. during the process of those burning candling, she massaged my face as well.

Ear Candling is not advisable to be done alone. Its recommended to be done by professional masseuse. You wouldn't want to burn your ear don't you?