Mai Kit Kat collection

Friday, November 28, 2008

These are all the way from Melbourne.

I'm so touched and thrilled when i saw this much kitkats. These kitkats came only in seasons. Its different types somemore. and its limited edition!!! (which NONE of them could be found in MALAYSIA) i'm so blessed to have this special friend, a friend who knows me well, a caring frien, a thoughtful frien who keep all those for me and sent it back. Isn't that great to have a frien like that?

Thankiuuuuu Siew Ping!! you are the best!!!!

btw, Hiap Lai said he 'accidentally' taken some. =_____________=''' *triple sweats*

and these are my other souvenirs received from my colleagues. it was bought when they went holidays or out stations. very thoughtful as well. =) =) Thank u all. i know u all loves me i love u all too. *muaaaaackkkkzzz* loll


Thank you for making my day lovely. =) =)


splo said... worries lah...l still will keep to collect de Kit Kat for u..^_^

splo said...
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LydiaKong said...

thankiuuuuuu siew ping!!!. best of the best aye? love u. =) =) =)