Port Dickson

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Few weeks before the Port Dickson day.....

Sharon and I went to have some sort of vietnamese cuisine @ leisure mall. its to celebrate my confirmation. Yes, i'm confirmed in my company. Congrates me. =) =) =)

this reminds me of melbourne. my first vietnamese i had was in melbourne. i dreamt of getting back to melbourne again yesterday. the dream wasn't my first time. the dream was so real, as i could even smell the aroma and even can feel it. everything seems to be so clear in my mind. i guess i still misses melbourne alot. ='( everything felt like yesterday.

the time i spent in Melbourne was my happiest moment. full of unforgetable memories; the sillyness; the laughter; the warmess of friends; the kindness...and lots.

hmmm....better stop here. getting emotional aye? hhmmmmmm....

Congrates to my two besties. Li Ing and Mee Ting for their graduation. I just figured out, it's hard for us to meet and gather now or even sleep over at each other place and gossip. everyone in different places and got their own things to do, own career. haiihhh....another emotional matter.

Nvm, let me show u the 'prettiness' of Port Dickson. Daddy and Mummy dropped by two weeks ago. Sharon and I drove to Port Dickson to meet up with them. they are busy so only left Sharon and me.

isn't it pretty?? =) =)

Sharon said i live in lies. Why??? Because the picture above or the picture of mine below this post is not wat you think it is. time changed. last time they said picture can't lie. but they are wrong. Port Dickson is not wat u seen above. it is the HIDEOUS beach i ever seen. full of rubbish and some dirty black oil. very disgusted beach.

"i'm just living in prefectness, i want my life to be prefect." this is what i replied to her.

but we still went for kayaking. O.o RM15 per hour. horrible terrible and vegetable lehhh. i meant the beach not the kayaking. the kayaking was fun but the beach was really dirty. i even can feel the itchyness on my skin when i arrived there. you know how allergic i was. =.=''

we r too lazy to drive out so we just had our lunch in the resort...

tat's Sharon's chicken chop.

and my lamb chop. VERY costly O.o mine beat them lots lahhh. this is why sometimes i hate to dine out. hmmmm..... i'm not hidung tinggi. but its real. =P

Later that nite, we drove to the town for some craving. We dunno which or where is nice. So, we judge by numbers of people in the restaurant. =)

and we called for their signature dish. =) =)

ate too much crab lately. O.o that was actually the third time i had crabs in a month time. =D =D

clams with fried eggs. Yummmmyyyy~

and even satayssss. =) =) =) can u imagined the portions and the numbers of the dishes were just only for Sharon and me. O.o i wonder what our stomach made of??? hehehehehhe =X

and i wonder how could the campers stayed in such a dirty place. O.o the beach are full with those tiny weeny disgusting bugs. and even the ice-cream tasted like sea water. GELI!!!!!!


splo said...

food..food..alot food..ah dia..l so hungry nw...send some food to me..wuhahahaha...

Justin said...

I went to PD once. It was alright to me, the beach that I went was quite dirty too.

Anyway, nice food. :D