The power of Makeup

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Probably some of you have seen this before. its from some forwarded mail. This is awessommmmeeeeeeee...!!

Even though I can master the power of photoshop but sadly, i still can't master or even a degree on the power of Makeups. O.o

isn't she lovely??? soooo dolly nehhh.

and this is before....

dun pengsan. LOLLL. Pictures could be deceiving. =X

Here are the process of her transformation. Goshhh...i really should learn this. =P

1. the before picture first.

2. Add contact lens that enlarge her pupil, and double-eye lids Sticker & Glue. (i found out this step does transform alot dy O.o)

3. Basic moisture cream to keep face healthy.

4. Foundation is important! make skin tone more even, IMPORTANT!! apply VERY little amount of Foundation at both side of the cheek, in order to make your face look longer and slimmer!

5. Concealer is to cover up all flaws, such as eye bags, pimple and wrinkles.

6. Next Add natural Fake eye Lashes & draw a nice brow!

7. Adding mascara at the bottom eye-lash, in order to make both upper and lower eye lash even.

8. Add eye liner.

Longer eye-liners! longer the better, make small eyes?look not only bigger, also longer as well.

9. Add eye shadow. use one dark and one lighter colors to blend.

10. Add lip gloss and blusher! & Lastly Style your dolly hair!

Wallaaaaa.......Here's our pretty girl.

But lotsa stepsssss nehhh. Could Bubla master it?? hmmm....doubt tat. =P

better than plastic surgery hor? Makeups could be deceiving either.

Wish me luck eh.


Angel Valerie said...

go do plastic surgery.

i wanna do too!

Raymond Chew said...

Wahh...its tat makup o disguise..imagine the husband wakup n found a "ghost" slep bside..wil scare to death leh!
Advice to guys: never ask ur gf put too much makup

LydiaKong said...

angel: not tat into plastic surgery. i prefer makeups more. hehehe.

Raymond: yalor...dun get cheated by those heavy makeups one. scare to deathh worrr. lolzz