pls go away

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

it is getting worst. it's spreading all over. will it be cure?? i seen the doctor. i ate the medicine and did accordingly to wat he said. but why do it still keep coming?

i wish to go out. i wish to meet my friends. but when they asked. no one knows where am i. i'm keeping myself away from them.

not blogging not onlining not bringing my hp. guess no one can find me.

cousin asked me to follow him back to his hometown. but could i? perhaps i cant. sadness...

Dear God, Please make it go away. i promise i will be good. Amen.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Went for swimming today. Wearing my Shark goggles and down to combat.

but swam not more than 5 laps....had my heel cut. crapp. farking swimming pool!!!!!

hurt >.< really hurt. verrryy.

Bits of bits

Monday, November 19, 2007

Spending whole nite at Changi airport. besides onlining, i had tried every foot massage tat i could found. Nice~~~

hmmm...actually i kinda fall asleep while blogging. so.. to keep myself awake, tat's the only way.

this is my mum's masterpiece. she kept on asking me to put it on my blog. =.='' LOLL. her pride.

oh ya...below is Daph's drama. the file is pretty big so kinda takes a long time to upload it successfully.

my 3 little freddo after the long hours flight. LOLLLL. kinda cute. but i didn't realise the expired date is actually 10.12.2007 until sister told me. =.=''

John n Sharon already ate theirs but Jeff.....he wont be back till CNY. too bad for him. ahahaha.

*felt bad actually. he bought me two tees from HongKong disneyland. =_=

Melbourne Autosalon 2007

Bubla went to Autosalon??? unbelievable isn't it? well, i went not for cars but for girls and for shows......alright, i admit it. its for big boobs girl in bikini. LOLLL.

Full with anticipation me . and guess wat?

She was the first girl i seen. Imagine how i felt??? WTH??? so many layers sumore. =.=''

These are wat i looked for.

and theseeeeee.

definately not the first girl!!!!!

Lord of the Ring??? tat's wat it said. didn't know Lord of the Ring looks like tat. hmmmm...

egypt style and big boobs illustrate.

aliens sumore.. =.='' memang banyak macam.

bling bling transformer. the bumble bee~

i like this one.

i just knew tat the ferrari's engine is actually behind its boot. hmmm...weird.

Wong wong wong~ nyamuk passed by.

some cool cars.

the super siaoness of sound system.

the super siao siaoness of TVssss and LVsss.

the cap looks familiar?? Huahahahahaha....

*still got lots more. will update soon. =) =)

at Changi airport

Sunday, November 18, 2007

at Changi airport now. i slept all the way here. unlike last time, didn't slept at all. (couldn't believe tat i could also become a movie marathon - watched until whole eyes become red. wat a movie freak am i.)

this flight, i sat in between one ah neh neh and aussie. The aussie seems to be very friendly. chat a little. one ah phek on business.

oh ya...i was a bit silly this afternoon. but before telling u the silly stuff i did. i should explain my condition to support my sillyness first. so everything start off yesterday ~

i woke up real early in the morning. hmm...around 7 sth am. then off to the city to watch daphne's drama performance.

btw, caught Joshua with Eunice again. - Eunice's performance aka the policewoman. hehehe. cute.

and soon in the afternoon, with matt we went to the camberwell church, help Shawn with his wedding decorations and stayed until 1am. after my watching my daily TV series "Everybody loves Raymond", i dropped off to bed.

In conjuction, woke up at 6am today and did the laundry. i know this is again a last min thing but at least i got SiewPing there to help. lucky. dun scold me. crap.

then attended Shawn and YuenLi's wedding this morning. imagine how much sleepness i lack of??? not tat i'm blaming anyone for this. it's just i dun wish to miss anything. hehehe.. =)

he is not the groom. he is the bestman. le qiang aka my online frien, a super duper funny guy =) =) =) smart lehh.. he is cute.

the ultimate family - left Michael Toh out. he was working.

*didn't take much picture using my lausy camera. too much professional camera man there. will get the picture after they r done.

oh ya back to my sillyness. when i was IN the plane, i dozed off immediately. and for some reason (not sure wat's it), my plane was delayed for one and a half hour.

and when i woke up, seeing that we had reached the ground, i tot we had reached the destination. but of course to my dismay, we r still in melb. aduhai. hmmm....not tat silly actually. LOLLL

regret to carry this dozen of krispy kreme with me. so bulky..


Simon with us..

tat day....hmmm...i forgot wat day was tat. Well, make it simple then. One day, our cell group leader CM004, Simon came to the Belgrave house and cook for us. How nice is he.

i like the prawn nehh... delicious. yummy o. (Gytha's famous phrase)

after dinner we go walk walk...

then come back.....supper again. LOLL.

tat hav been apart of our daily routine now. =) gonna miss hanging out with u guys. and having dinner together.

these are the prezzie from Michael Toh. the teddy is SiewPing's and the biggy love chocs are mine. hiak hiak. Thankiuu.. He is such a nice guy. =) =)


Friday, November 9, 2007 hav been ages since i heard my stomach growling. *hungry* wake up early today and yesterday (before 6am) but slept early as well (around 11pm). just submitted my final assignment. FINALLY~

still can't online at home so here am i in the uni lab. crap..

listed my holiday plan before going back to m'sia.

Things to do:
1. clean my room + do laundry
2. find aunt ah hua (Daphne's mum)
3. do some shopping (hunt for suveniors)
*can sense sharon smiling happily there
4. look for old classmate (especially mary - miss her)
5. hav date with someone (he said he will call)
6. watch whole series of Stephen Chow's movies + other dramas
7. bake cakes
8. cook goodies for 'the ultimate family'
9. rearrange my portfolio
10. to be continue...

can't think of anything now. the growling sound are embarrasing me. ciao~

Victoria State Library

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Internet line has been pretty sucky at home. am i at the state library.

Good environment, good atmosphere, not too bad line, got leng zhai, got leng lui, can facebook (although i dun play much now, but still peeking awhile). and most importantly can at least let me finish the last part of my assignment.

The day view

The nite view.

The up view.

The inner view.

the kids section.

tv section i guess..

got lots more. even got a chess section, galleries with potraits and landscapes, some old manuscripts and yada yada yada...


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Souvenir back home...

Can't even fit one BIG luggage..

Mai leng.....tat's NOT mine. It's SiewPing's. LOLL.

To sharon: Sorry to make u happy for a while.

Btw, This is for u....

Actually, one for u and the other two for Jeff & John. LOLLLLLL

*poor me

Some dinner

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Steamboat once again on this lovely weekend. Austin invited one special guest, 'Sai Jon' the korean. (dun really know how to spell his name) He is friendly and cute.

Not forgeting my so-called bf, Danpat loo. He helps to 'sapu' everything. More geng than Austin, More geng than Michael Toh. LOLL. SUPER GENG guy. Ai sehh..

Can u imagine tat? He got his elastic stomach anyway. =) =)

'Sai Jon' were too impressed. he kept on saying "He got a very good attitude."

We treated ourself well. Got the Tiger Prawn, Crab and even Sea cucumber.

Berry Bloated. Too bad Matt can't come. having dinner, lunch, and wat-so-ever with his cg is his priority. he is extinct.

The 1219

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I guess i never talks about the place i stayed in melb. Everyone post the pic of their lovely bedroom. But not for me. Not this time. It's not the right moment yet. hehe.

but i will introduce to my house infact.

Introducing my lovely house. The Belgrave House. The 1219. =)

it is a super huge house. with 19 rooms. with basement. with KitchenSss. with a wide backyard. is it called a mansion?? idea.

Guess wat.. our house was build in 1897. so....which means it's an 110 years old house. wahhh sai. *proud* i'm not is stated on our dinding. which is under protected by Australian Government. Geng leh.

Wait till u hear more geng ones at the back.

The first Australian film was shoot in this house. And our house is the 'ibu pejabat' of the Australian Methodist Church.

with 19 rooms....guess how many housemates i got??? btw i'm not tat 'wuliao' to count tat. LOLL

meriah sungguh. =) =) i love my house.

Last week

Last week was the busiest week of my entire semester. But luckily i got SiewPing & Sherline to cook for me. =) =)

looking good eh?? love u God. =) Amen.


Many things happened last week. October 26th Rose born girl Abbey and October 28th RuRu born boy JiaAo. Wahhh sehh..

This is less than a day old baby JiaAo. Cute isn't it??

So young know how to pose for the pic liao. hehehe. "Hotttahhhh" he said. =) =)

Kawaiiii nehhh.

Dun hav baby Abbey pic yet. hehe. Will upload it someday.


Our backyard grown somekind of fruit tree. no idea wat's it called. but tasted a bit sour. Sherline said its some kind of pear...hmmmm....i doubt tat. but she said u can find these in China.

Since the birds are so enjoying themselves so much, the beh-song-cheapskate us pluck them all down.


no more..

" tasted so good" Gytha said. =P *blushh*


Oh ya....

To the ppl in Singapore & KL : Lydia will be dropping by soon.
To the ppl in Sarawak : Wait long long ah...
To the ppl in Aus : Lydia will miss u heaps. HEAAAPPSSS..!!!!

It is a sudden decision. i guess i miss my family too much. can't hold it anymore. hehehe.

Crappp...actually plan to give a big SURPRISE to my sis by popping up infront of her. But plan failed. CRAAPPPPP. not fun. hmph~


Tomorrow presentation ahhhhhhh. pray for me. =)