Friday, November 9, 2007 hav been ages since i heard my stomach growling. *hungry* wake up early today and yesterday (before 6am) but slept early as well (around 11pm). just submitted my final assignment. FINALLY~

still can't online at home so here am i in the uni lab. crap..

listed my holiday plan before going back to m'sia.

Things to do:
1. clean my room + do laundry
2. find aunt ah hua (Daphne's mum)
3. do some shopping (hunt for suveniors)
*can sense sharon smiling happily there
4. look for old classmate (especially mary - miss her)
5. hav date with someone (he said he will call)
6. watch whole series of Stephen Chow's movies + other dramas
7. bake cakes
8. cook goodies for 'the ultimate family'
9. rearrange my portfolio
10. to be continue...

can't think of anything now. the growling sound are embarrasing me. ciao~


zh said...

b4 u leave, plz transfer all ur remaining dollar to my bank account, thanks!

clement said...

nothing for me meh?