Victoria State Library

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Internet line has been pretty sucky at home. am i at the state library.

Good environment, good atmosphere, not too bad line, got leng zhai, got leng lui, can facebook (although i dun play much now, but still peeking awhile). and most importantly can at least let me finish the last part of my assignment.

The day view

The nite view.

The up view.

The inner view.

the kids section.

tv section i guess..

got lots more. even got a chess section, galleries with potraits and landscapes, some old manuscripts and yada yada yada...


clement said...

waiseh, jimang kay si

zh said...

perth's one kecil kecil nia, at city centre,
but not bad oso la, if compared to our 'lovely' SMC library!