The 1219

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I guess i never talks about the place i stayed in melb. Everyone post the pic of their lovely bedroom. But not for me. Not this time. It's not the right moment yet. hehe.

but i will introduce to my house infact.

Introducing my lovely house. The Belgrave House. The 1219. =)

it is a super huge house. with 19 rooms. with basement. with KitchenSss. with a wide backyard. is it called a mansion?? idea.

Guess wat.. our house was build in 1897. so....which means it's an 110 years old house. wahhh sai. *proud* i'm not is stated on our dinding. which is under protected by Australian Government. Geng leh.

Wait till u hear more geng ones at the back.

The first Australian film was shoot in this house. And our house is the 'ibu pejabat' of the Australian Methodist Church.

with 19 rooms....guess how many housemates i got??? btw i'm not tat 'wuliao' to count tat. LOLL

meriah sungguh. =) =) i love my house.


clement said...

if i go there can i stay there? haha