Last week

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Last week was the busiest week of my entire semester. But luckily i got SiewPing & Sherline to cook for me. =) =)

looking good eh?? love u God. =) Amen.


Many things happened last week. October 26th Rose born girl Abbey and October 28th RuRu born boy JiaAo. Wahhh sehh..

This is less than a day old baby JiaAo. Cute isn't it??

So young know how to pose for the pic liao. hehehe. "Hotttahhhh" he said. =) =)

Kawaiiii nehhh.

Dun hav baby Abbey pic yet. hehe. Will upload it someday.


Our backyard grown somekind of fruit tree. no idea wat's it called. but tasted a bit sour. Sherline said its some kind of pear...hmmmm....i doubt tat. but she said u can find these in China.

Since the birds are so enjoying themselves so much, the beh-song-cheapskate us pluck them all down.


no more..

" tasted so good" Gytha said. =P *blushh*


Oh ya....

To the ppl in Singapore & KL : Lydia will be dropping by soon.
To the ppl in Sarawak : Wait long long ah...
To the ppl in Aus : Lydia will miss u heaps. HEAAAPPSSS..!!!!

It is a sudden decision. i guess i miss my family too much. can't hold it anymore. hehehe.

Crappp...actually plan to give a big SURPRISE to my sis by popping up infront of her. But plan failed. CRAAPPPPP. not fun. hmph~


Tomorrow presentation ahhhhhhh. pray for me. =)