at Changi airport

Sunday, November 18, 2007

at Changi airport now. i slept all the way here. unlike last time, didn't slept at all. (couldn't believe tat i could also become a movie marathon - watched until whole eyes become red. wat a movie freak am i.)

this flight, i sat in between one ah neh neh and aussie. The aussie seems to be very friendly. chat a little. one ah phek on business.

oh ya...i was a bit silly this afternoon. but before telling u the silly stuff i did. i should explain my condition to support my sillyness first. so everything start off yesterday ~

i woke up real early in the morning. hmm...around 7 sth am. then off to the city to watch daphne's drama performance.

btw, caught Joshua with Eunice again. - Eunice's performance aka the policewoman. hehehe. cute.

and soon in the afternoon, with matt we went to the camberwell church, help Shawn with his wedding decorations and stayed until 1am. after my watching my daily TV series "Everybody loves Raymond", i dropped off to bed.

In conjuction, woke up at 6am today and did the laundry. i know this is again a last min thing but at least i got SiewPing there to help. lucky. dun scold me. crap.

then attended Shawn and YuenLi's wedding this morning. imagine how much sleepness i lack of??? not tat i'm blaming anyone for this. it's just i dun wish to miss anything. hehehe.. =)

he is not the groom. he is the bestman. le qiang aka my online frien, a super duper funny guy =) =) =) smart lehh.. he is cute.

the ultimate family - left Michael Toh out. he was working.

*didn't take much picture using my lausy camera. too much professional camera man there. will get the picture after they r done.

oh ya back to my sillyness. when i was IN the plane, i dozed off immediately. and for some reason (not sure wat's it), my plane was delayed for one and a half hour.

and when i woke up, seeing that we had reached the ground, i tot we had reached the destination. but of course to my dismay, we r still in melb. aduhai. hmmm....not tat silly actually. LOLLL

regret to carry this dozen of krispy kreme with me. so bulky..


Simon with us..

tat day....hmmm...i forgot wat day was tat. Well, make it simple then. One day, our cell group leader CM004, Simon came to the Belgrave house and cook for us. How nice is he.

i like the prawn nehh... delicious. yummy o. (Gytha's famous phrase)

after dinner we go walk walk...

then come back.....supper again. LOLL.

tat hav been apart of our daily routine now. =) gonna miss hanging out with u guys. and having dinner together.

these are the prezzie from Michael Toh. the teddy is SiewPing's and the biggy love chocs are mine. hiak hiak. Thankiuu.. He is such a nice guy. =) =)


splo said...

Lydia oh...we'll missing u so much de...coz ur our "zong ji yi jia" de litter princess..hehe..^^
Take good care urself...we meet at sibu on CNY loh..^^