Some dinner

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Steamboat once again on this lovely weekend. Austin invited one special guest, 'Sai Jon' the korean. (dun really know how to spell his name) He is friendly and cute.

Not forgeting my so-called bf, Danpat loo. He helps to 'sapu' everything. More geng than Austin, More geng than Michael Toh. LOLL. SUPER GENG guy. Ai sehh..

Can u imagine tat? He got his elastic stomach anyway. =) =)

'Sai Jon' were too impressed. he kept on saying "He got a very good attitude."

We treated ourself well. Got the Tiger Prawn, Crab and even Sea cucumber.

Berry Bloated. Too bad Matt can't come. having dinner, lunch, and wat-so-ever with his cg is his priority. he is extinct.


clement said...

why there are no lenglui 1 beside u? ha ha

sharon said...

eat eat eat! Eat lah! Few more days and I shall see how round you are! >=)

LydiaKong said...


clement said...

ha ha, i agree with her.. dun post any food pic la.. ha ha

zh said...

u r Dunlop's tauke isit?