Melbourne Autosalon 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bubla went to Autosalon??? unbelievable isn't it? well, i went not for cars but for girls and for shows......alright, i admit it. its for big boobs girl in bikini. LOLLL.

Full with anticipation me . and guess wat?

She was the first girl i seen. Imagine how i felt??? WTH??? so many layers sumore. =.=''

These are wat i looked for.

and theseeeeee.

definately not the first girl!!!!!

Lord of the Ring??? tat's wat it said. didn't know Lord of the Ring looks like tat. hmmmm...

egypt style and big boobs illustrate.

aliens sumore.. =.='' memang banyak macam.

bling bling transformer. the bumble bee~

i like this one.

i just knew tat the ferrari's engine is actually behind its boot. hmmm...weird.

Wong wong wong~ nyamuk passed by.

some cool cars.

the super siaoness of sound system.

the super siao siaoness of TVssss and LVsss.

the cap looks familiar?? Huahahahahaha....

*still got lots more. will update soon. =) =)