Smiling moon

Monday, December 1, 2008

I wish there is someone there could help me or at least could advise me or perhaps even could even lead me. but sadly i'm all alone. Completely alone. Insecureness flows in my bloodstream. Leaving me no alternative but to be independent.

The aura of weakness surrounds me. Day by day i try not to show my fear, putting on my mask has been my routine. Thicker as it gets, it tend to suffocate me.

I find and I gain through this journey of maze. It makes me stronger by day. Stronger and tougher as time flies. for Bubla is no longer little anymore. Bubla has grown up. =)

29th of Nov is the day i waited for long. its Malaysia year end mega sales. its suppose to be my happy day. My shopping spree. But all moods kill when mr.tension and mr.pressure came.

if u followed up my post a year ago. i'm still not fully recover. but thank God, it reaches 95% for now. pls pray for me as I can’t be over stressed. Thanks.

Even the moon up in the sky are smiling down at me tonite. Thanks for being there with me, moon. =)

p/s: the above picture is real. its taken down by a frien of mine, tonite @ perth. 1st of December 2009. if its not too late why not look for the smiling moon? dun be rude. smiles back aye? =) =) =) =) =)


Simon Seow said...

Yes, I know it's real, I saw it too.

LydiaKong said...

=) goodie. but i dun. =(