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Thursday, December 25, 2008

*Note: This post was written eons ago. But due to my confirmation of staying in Kuching, i do not wish to post this up tat soon. Here is it....Bubla is now working in KUCHING!!!!! =) =)

its 6.45am in the morning. and it is Christmas!!! Merry Christmas People!!

Couldn't really sleep actually, Santa had granted my wish this year. Isn’t that miracle? How awesome. Guess I’m a very good girl this year. =P Have he grants yours?

Many things happened in this December, and even within these two days;

• CCL said there is a similar job of mine offered in kch UCSI.
• I searched for it and its true.
• Asked my boss on the next day if I could be transfer there.
• He nodded. And help me to call over in kch UCSI’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) and recommended me. *toucheddddd*
• On the following day I got a phone interview. She seems to
like me.
• My colleague helps me to get the black and white and yes I got
the job in KUCHING.
• A sudden farewells to my colleagues
• Bye bye Kuala Lumpur and Hello to Kuching!! =)

Even though I got wat I wanted but the happiness feeling doesn’t seem to go along with the Good News. Probably I will be leaving a bunch of my esteemed colleague. It’s a very tight bond we got there. Sadness..

But… sifting back to kch and reunite with my bf (after an exact half a year) is wat all I wished for. =) thank God for giving me this chance of opportunity.

I had made the decision and do wish me all the best.

p/s: Actually, I got another offer to work with a famous Malaysian celebrity (better not name him out here but u can pm me if u wan to know. LOLL) but I REJECTED their offer and choose to be work @ the uptown kuching. BIG sacrifice nehhh. But hopefully its all worth it. =P

Btw, here is one of my ex-classmate during f4 f5 who got marry in this December. He is truly ‘brother’ of mine, Congratulations Mr. Eric Hung Ee Ren!! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to share your BIG day. But I do wish u longevity with ur pretty wife. I’m very happy for u. =) =) *cheers*

Hmmmm….now I’m sleepy =P hope its still not too late for me to shop for my Christmas present. =P Good day!!