22th me

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Everyone is asking me about how i spend my birthday this year. Well, i'm officially 22 now.

I celebrated early this year. Coz on the particular day I got class until 8.30pm. however on 29.08.2007 tat nite, our lecturer hold us until 8.40pm. -.-‘’’

Hmmm…back to the early celebration. A week before my actual birthday, like usual I went to AiLeng’s house every Monday (tipu makan tipu minum), then her cute housemate Jessie bought us a birthday cake (AiLeng got the same birthday as mine)

22 berries. It’s an ice-cream cake. Looks yummy lerrrr~ kakakaka..

The to be 22th me, havn't stepped myself into any Casino yet. So no matter wat, i need to go to casino. 'diu lien'

so.......heh hehh~


inside crown

outside crown

triplets me. hehehehe... (ya, i know i looked awfully chubby here. diet soon. LOLLLL)

I did went into casino. but didn't take photos nia. bet 10 bucks tat day. Lost all. LOLL. fun fun fun fun fun~

Then during the weekend, our cell group CM004 came to our house for pot-luck. =) =)

And the following day, we went to Yamagata (a very famous Japanese Buffet in melb – heard tat from Ying and TingIng. Makes my saliva drop nia.)

We eat until our stomach bolted. =) =) =) All u can eat neh. Luv the ice-creamss. It taste awfully gooooood. Hehe.

Tat's our kawaii Austin again. u can see his hand holding still there...but his mouth keep on moving!!! LMAO~

toooooo kawaii lerrr........so 'ke ai'.

Oh nooo...really beh tahan. LOLLLLLL~

Froggy n Us =) =) =) =)

After dinning at Yamagata, we flipped thru the Melway and simply pointed on where for the next stop. Chak-lok-chak-bing-bing~ LOLLL

Guess where??? ….

To the BOWLING ~ LOLLL (check it out on Michael's weird act again. LMAO~)

A princess to be of the nite went for bowling. Can u imagine tat?? Hehehe…but it’s awesomely fun!!!!

I played really bad at first. But when I wear on my specs, I become a SUPER BUBLA. LOLLL. And tat’s the first round I played.

Ever heard of people playing bowling and the ball rolled backwards?? Well u seen tat a lot in the tv. Ahemmm….. *blush* I played the scene on the day. Goshhh….i can’t believe it myself either!!! I loose control leh weiii. my nails broken =( =( =( *blush*

Tat’s princess of the day. LOLL

And some of her bodyguards performing some……i dunno wat’s it called. View it urself la. Ahahaha… *stomach pain*

Happy 22th Birthday Lydia !!!!

Oh ya, On my 22th birthday, i received heappppppppps of gifts. Heapps!!!

Got cardigans, dress, perfume, purse, shoes, tees, heels, 'ai xin' dumpling, 'ai xin' lobster, 5 tiny dolls, angpauss, little bonsai, froggy, wines, cards, wishes, and more wishes, and more more wishes. hmmmm.....wat else eh?? did i missed anything?? too much wehh. but happy =) =) =)

Oh ya....thanks to Aunt ah hua who cooked me 'soh mee' on my birthday (long life mee)

Mucho Gracias People. Thank u thank u...

touched when mr.Poh Jih Liang called all the way from Sabah. very unexpected leh. LOLL...but thanks anyway.

oh ya...and MCBss from my lovely ah hai. -.-'' tat's his style. LOLL fuck u la. but thank u too. =) =)

I didn't realised Raymond record this until i saw the video. *sweats*

Wat a wonderful birthday~

=) =) =) =) =) =) =)


sharon said...

Wahhhh.... you got so many presents! And I like your long, slim candles :D

Angel Valerie said...

i want that candles, lydia. get some for me when u come back!