10 000 BC

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

from the left : Alexster (dun really know how to spell his name actually), Kiki Sia, Tommy Loi, Diana Kiu.

watched 10 000 BC at Melbourne with 10 of them. Pstt...tat's only a part of the members. Spot ur cousin and ur cousin's in law, walt??? oh ya....another one, ur cousin's cousin???? LOLL hehehe..

Alexster : Hi, i'm Alexster. Nice to meet you. u can call me Alex. Wat's ur name?

Bubla : Nvmm.....i guess u wouldn't need to know me. I'll be seeing u for today only and tat's all, guess we r not tat luckily to bump into each other again. if we did.....i bet u wouldn't remember my name.

Alexster : =.='' *speechless*

Michael Toh : Ehhhh.....how come u bully xiao di di??

Bubla : Alright. i'm lydia. nice to meet u. =)

Aaron said he doesn't look tat 'yentao' so he forbid me to take his photo. =.='' Oh yaa...We went to Nando's before the movie.

Bubla ate a thigh

Aaron ate a quater of chicken

Alexster ate a half chicken

Michael ate a WHOLE chicken O.o

Wat's funny was, they all went to gym before having those nando's.

Christina : Craappp. i shouldn't come n eat with u guys. i hav wasted my energy of burning the fat off me and now it is coming back to me!!!

Luckily i just went there to play. =) =) =) =) Smart wehhh. ahahahaha. =P

Matt and his bare foot. =) His "Bata" slippers kena stolen. loll

Oh ya. could u believe tat a skinny guy like him got six packs?? i dun. but until i seen it myself. O.o Really lehhh. =) *drools*

=) =) =) =) =) =)


clement said...

which one is your bf?

Netel said...

it seems that you had a good time :)

LydiaKong said...

clement: None =( =(

yeaa. thanks netel. i love ur wings. so r u an angel or a fairy?? O.o hehehe..

Netel said...

Well my real name is Angel so i think that i prefer being an Angel :)

LydiaKong said...

i got lots of girl friends called angel as well. =) =)

Netel said...

:( though i am a boy....

Wanenxi said...

hmm.. think frame of spec, with "six pack" tis meet bubla's requirements..hmm hahaha

LydiaKong said...

netel: tat makes u special. =) =)

dapig: ahahahaha.....u remember well.

just walt said...

hi tommy! lol!

uhhh, who is my cousin's cousin??? @_@

LydiaKong said...

Tat Alexster. the one way to the left. he said he knows u. LOLL. he is only 16 this year. O.o