Dream guy looks

Friday, March 21, 2008

This is an example of my dream guy looks. Hehehehe..

isn't he cute?? Ohhh...he is just so gorgeous. Drop dead Bubla. =) =)

This is Michael Woo, an internet frien of mine. I remember i found him in friendster and didn't even hesitate to msg him "Hey, i love ur specs." and since then, we hav become friends. =)

Thought of that again, i hav no idea why i did tat. but he is just way too cute to deny. =) =) typically Bubla's type. =D

Recently found him on the New Straits Times. =) =) proud of him neh. =) =) =) =)

Note: Normally i rejected all those ppl who messaged me in friendster or even sending me their frien requests. but he is just so different. =) =) =)


Netel said...

not bad! cool. Nice job getting him self in a newspaper... The only way i can do that is by killing someone or killing my self ;)

LydiaKong said...

Yes Netel. same thought. ahahahaha. =)

Netel said...

you know what the say...
Great minds think alike :)

LydiaKong said...

=) =) =) Netel, u brightens up my day~ Thanks angel. =) =)