Where am i hiding?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

thanks for all ur concern, thanks for all ur wishes, and thanks for all ur support. THANK you all.

i guess i'm recovering. when the time is right, i will explain it all. =) =)


Well Bubla is back to MALAYSIA!!!! =) =) had come back for more than a month actually. dun be mad if i didn't look for u, i didn't look for anyone else either. fair and square. =)

Even though i had came back for a month. but i still can't really crave in the 'Malaysian food'. i need to watch out every food i ate. =( No spicy food. No seafood. No eggs. No oily food.

Even the portion of my food was cut down by mum. She said i'm too fat. =.='' ahahaha. watever. and stop nodding ur head. =.=''

Here are some 'nyonya kuih' tat mum bought home for our breakfast.

But i dun like sweet stuff for breakfast. But i like theseeeee..........

roasted duck. Yumm yumm.... anyway, tat's for lunch la.

tat reminds me of the roasted duck in China town, Melbourne. Got the horrible and unforgettable strong smell. Just like the pork. yuck~ you will never forget the smell when u ate once. too awful.

Tat's mum and uncle (mum's little bro) at petaling street. actually i just been there trice. The 'chi chiong kai' is not as crowded as before. (few years back). i wonder why?

hmmm....spotted some weird stuff.

well...i guess u need to walk in a terbalik way to cross this road. LOLL. =.='' i know, so lame. ahahahaha.

wait till u see this...

even lame. wth?? who design these? i know i shouldn't point at others. but....LOLL. too flappy neh. how to swim???

saliva drops?? hehehehe...uncle's friend bought for us. Sis said is from some expensive bakery. forgot wat's it called. but anyway, mum finished it all. =.='' she said everytime she took out, no one seems to be interested at all.

i just took a bite nia. seriously.

oh ya, i went to learn how to make bread with mum. Here's some of our accomplishment and Aunt Jenny (mum's sister) as well =) =) =) it tasted sooooo good neh.

Sharon's frien, the snail. btw, JJ accidentally broke its shell. he said he didn't even used any might. LOLL. poor snail.