Last few days..

Friday, August 3, 2007

1. KitKatssssss discovery

Been kitkat maniac lately… but the mood was over after discovering there are heaps of the varieties in the market. Hmmm…

Btw…thanks to siew ping for going all the way to city and get one for me (last one). And Danpat loo for going all the way to Camberwell and get one for me (last one either). And me, myself going to the china town buying some back for my friends (last one TOOOO). Hehehe…

a balloon can lighten ups my day. lovet it. Thank u oo..

2. The bloated day...

Went to weina’s house for lunch..then sopia for dinner…

food of the nite..

Gytha and her gelato. she loves ice-cream.

ah na gone overjoyed. LOLLL

me and my gelatosss

boss of the nite

this is a cool motion pic when i took siew ping's photo.. (click the picture to view full size)

then back home still got Ting ting’s birthday for supper… O.O

I’m too full to be true

3. Uni stuff

Been doing uni stuff lately, not homework, not assignment, definitely not exam, just some things need to be settle. =P Next week starts school anyway. Kekekekeke…

4. Spiderpig..

Watched spiderpig with err…frienz. then max Brenner again -.-“ Supaa.. Windy nite….WOoooOooooooo…

5. too much wine

Drank too much and suffered myself. Ever drank until ur hands turned black?? yes i did. horrified~

6. Dominos

yesterday our kawaiii group leader, SIMON deliver pizza for us. Hmmm….wonder its either one of us is his master. tsk tsk…

7. magic tricks

Hiap lai showing some of his lame card tricks thru web cam…. *sweats* And acting PRO there. LOLLLLL yalahh lihai lahhh….


lai said...

lol... i'm cool