i'm in love......

Friday, August 10, 2007

۰•● me (づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ ❤ (⊙▂⊙✖ ) him ●•۰

i'm in love...... (was actually)

Today i finally told him everything (not everything but i guess he knows how much i love him.......hmm...doubt tat again. doesn't matter.) and stated everything clearly.

Surprisingly, i always thought i might cry like a baby or maybe feeling half dead, either emotionally or physically when i knows he didn't love me at all (which I clearly knows) but today, it’s not tat bad anyway. at least I dun cry… (not tat I’m pretending to be tough. I seriously dun. =) )

Say….if I dun hear from him personally I will never give up. tat’s wat I am. But I did today. felt relieved. =) =) think about it I will no longer need to be emotionally sad over someone who kept on ignoring me.

To my friends out there....

1. Please dun make fun of me and him ever again…it is pointless (I will hammer you if u did)
2. or even report me every bits of his stuff.
3. I know my birthday is around the corner…if u want to celebrate with me please dun ask him out as well.

To him… (not sure he is seeing this post or not. If not…as a frien please tell him. He is a bit blunt.) :-

Dun need to buy me present or even wish me (I know it’s my birthday and as a friend it is bad for not wishing a friend Happy Birthday. I really do need sometime to get over it. Thanks.)

*** Morals of the day ***
...1. Do not trust the tarot cards. It lies….
=) =) =) =) =)
...2. Do not trust faith...bumping into each other throughout your life time doesn't mean tat he is ur soulmate. *cheers..


clement said...

paktor liao? what have become of you? charr bo chase da po? oh my gosh... anyway, lengzhai?

Jeremy said...

clement ah... read more clearly le...

LydiaKong said...

ciz clem..u wan to die huh?

clement said...

ha ha, lazy to read... :P anyway, your birthday?