23th me

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday celebration Round One

Location: In office
Time: Morning
Cast: Froggy, fei zai pooh bear, Bubla

I’m sure some of u out there misses my froggy. Hehehe. Anyway, froggy worn new pearls. Watta shemale he is. LOLLL.

*ah huekkk* Tat's me and froggy in the office. *ah huekkk* =P

And meet the new member of the house, fei zai pooh bear. =) =) fei zai pooh bear is given by my neighbour Alvin. He said it was imported from HongKong and its limited edition, Disneyland character and it is special!!! as it has fur!!! Anyway, my neighbour, Alvin is a HUGEEE fan of bearbrick. What I meant huge is HUGEEEE…he got a size of bearbrick as tall as I am. Could u imagine tat?? (3/4 actually. Not tat exaggerating. LOLL)

I know my fatness. Shut up! Actually the picture have been photoshoped. But still.....Shut up !!! =X

Location: Wong Kok Char Chan Teng
Time: Noon
Cast: Alvin, Esther, Bubla

its the birthday girl, Bubla. =) =) =)

with Esther and her spaghetti. Kawaiii ler? =)

It’s my mistake to order a *yin yong

*a combination of coffee and tea and Bubla is allergic to coffee. Not to say allergic. Its just that coffee will make me dizzy and unwell.. @.@

Look at what have I vomited out. Those decent prawns and cheesy mussels!! All those, dun even stayed in my stomach for an hour!! =.=’’ poor me. ='( I thought i could at least treated myself well on my 23th. But……….sigh~

Birthday celebration Round Two

Location: Meeting room
Time: Noon
Cast: The Jetterians

I dun like cakes. So they got me muffins. btw, when i saw this picture, i just remembered that i dun even take a single bite on this yummy-looking-muffin!! nvmmm...probably got rotten somewhere on someone's car. O.o LOLL. can't blame me mah. i dun feel so well after the slight coffee add in. Craapppness.

meet my neighbour, Alvin.

the Jetter Interiorians. =) =)

meet my colleagues, the Jetterians. =) Thanks. Thanks. =) =)

Birthday celebration Round Three

Luckily Doraemon borrowed me his magic door and teleported me to kch on the nite. =D

Location: The Choo's habitat
Time: Nite
Cast: The choos'

LOLL… Wallaaa…there am I with the Choo

Happy Birthday Lydia. Happy Birthday Bubla. Happy Birthday!!

Meet the baby choo…

She likes to blow candles a lot.
She likes to hit my ah bui. (poor ah bui)
She likes Jie jie.
She likes to row boat with Jie Jie. =)

=) cute?? Very! =)

Meet the clan. =) =)

And enjoying fireworks with my ah bui later on. Crapppp...i think i forgot to hug him, not to say giving him a smooch la. =.='' *blushhh* loll. *blushhh*

I thought last year was fun but this year was not bad after all. =) Thanks a lot!!


clement said...

wad happen to 18 4 ever?

LydiaKong said...

ahahaha... =X 18 sounds a bit childish. O.o