My day break =) =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lotsa guests in the house lately. It’s like a marathon. My best friend came; my best friend’s fiancé came; My ah bui came; Sharon’s frien came. Particularly i brought them to the same places for each visit. Say fat or not?? Can’t blame me weii. *I’m innocent* aheemm..

Anyway, I dun really take much pic though. Except for those I’m out with ah bui. LOLL. But then ehh…I dun really like to blog about my love life on my blog wor. Below are my very main reasons:

1. my dad sees my blog. Opssss.
2. relatives sees my blog.
3. mum’s friend’s children sees my blog.
4. cousins sees my blog.
5. the sibuan (kepomahsss sees my blog.)
6. and so and soo…. O.o

better to keep it low profile lah. =P anyway, this post contain similar pictures to the one on my facebook. =)

roughly its all my pictures. LOLL

taken in Sunway with the stupid-blue-fat-sailor-yummy looking-duck with hat.

A liberty statue wannabe.

pretending to be in England

Michael Schumacher wannabe.

The originally cutesy me. LOLLL. Dun vomit. I know. =D =D =D and shut up!!.. =P

23th Birthday pre-celebration

Location: too many
Duration: 5 days (4 full days to be exact)
Cast: ah bui and bubla

The love birds. =) =) =)

lets cut it short. The pictures say a thousand words. =D =D