Hunter duck

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

While i was going through all the works i have done, i found this flash game i made during uni time. =)

Press Ctrl to kill the birds if u dun wan to be killed. O.o and use your arrow key on your keyboard to move around

and u might need to click the flash panel in order to activate it first. =) =) =)

Refresh the site to play again. *winks* I know you had killed the poor ducky while you seen this. LOLL

Anyway, even though i created this game myself i never win it before. LOLLL to win this game you might need to reach 1000000 points?? O.o

Gambatehhh people!!

Note: some birds got wear bullet vest. when you played it, you will know. *winks*

So.. how much points can you score??? hehehe..

P/s: Someone seems to be adicted to my game. click here. for a better view. =) *cheers*