Greetings from Melbourne

Friday, April 11, 2008

Awwww....this is so sweet of u guys. thanks.

even cooking also thought of me. ahahaha. thankiu. =) =)

nearly pengsan when i saw Henry. Goshh...why isn't he wearing his sunnies?? i wan to see le. ahahahhaa.

lurv u ppl. =) =) =)


Wanenxi said...

haha,Ar Dia~!.. tis can make u eye wet wet leh... ur friends still doing such thing thinking u as a part of their life, gang dung. lovely, appreciate the friendship..

splo said...

hehe..ah dia ah!!! we always missing u...coz u r our "zhong ji yi jia" de Dia Princess oh...^^

LydiaKong said...

=) thanks SiewPing. i'm really touched. =)

clement said...

hahahahahahahahah... wtf

LydiaKong said...

ur head clem