Ah Long Pte Ltd

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Ah Long Pte Ltd" is a light-hearted black comedy about the triad world and the money-lending business. Directed by a Singaporean Director Jack Neo (also a director of "I Not Stupid Too"), starring Fann Wong and Mark Lee.

its a multi languages movie. O.o u can hear, Cantonese, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, Hokkien, and even Hakka in it. mannn...i never heard so much languages in a movie before. o.O

Klang Valley, was the place where they filmed much of the movie. hmmm....does tat mean the Old Town White Coffee as well. Somehow it looks like the Midah's one to me. O.o

In Singapore Ah Long reaped a box-office earning of $1.47 million, coming in second, behind Stephen Chow's CJ7 ($2 million), while beating Jay Chou's Kungfu Dunk ($1.41 million). Then previous day i saw from TV, Malaysia have reached RM2.22 million in just 12 days.

Guess wat?? whole of my family had watched it and even my aunt O.o i remember last time the whole family went to cinema was the 'titanic'??? O.o

Movie Nite in Sibu for only RM5 per ticket?? O.o tat's awesomely cheappp. i had watched twice anyway.


clement said...

when i'm free, i'll look 4 u if i can't find other ppl.. haha..