Easy way to devein a prawn

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sick of having the prawn's vein stuck in your fingernails while deveining it? Well, here is one easy way to devein a prawn.

the entire strip will come off while you pull the toothpick.

Waaalaaa.... isn't tat easy?? =) =)

Happy trying.


Anonymous said...
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Roy said...

pull the toothpick out from the flesh???

LydiaKong said...

yeaa. =) upwards la. so the prawn's vein will come off too.

Wanenxi said...

use the way b4 or after its cooked??

LydiaKong said...

before of coz. =) after cooked cannot take it out dy.

just walt said...

wow, never knew about that method before. must try liao!

btw, that dead prawn is so cute! lol!