Crown buffet

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We went to Crown in a rush actually. It goes like this....

Tat day, I msged Ling Jing asking her if she wans to have lunch with me in Crown. and the previous day was like we were so eager to try out the buffet there but it was closed. (sounds like Bubla always onto this kinda thing. going there second time again and again. *rolls my eye* wateva. LOLL)

thenn ohh, everything blame on my hp's clock. it was actually an hour behind the actual time. =.=''

nvmlah. lucky for us tat we managed to get there ON TIME =) =) =) Thank God. =)

this picture looks a bit 'cacat' anyway. coz i kinda merged 'us' together. LOLL we were taking separated pic actually. =P

the bar was actually quite long and filled with fooooooods. tat's just 'center' of it. heh heh~

some nice 'looking' desserts. =D =D

and u can design ur own ice-cream. and tat's my artwork. *proud* *proud* *lihai* ahahaha..

Ummm....we actually finished off quite fast. Not like Sharon. She got the RULES of her if going to a buffet.

1. go early before the section starts.
2. leave when the section end. best to leave is when the people 'shooos' us. LOLL
3. on the day cannot take any thing.
4. the day before better not to eat too much.
5. MUST empty ur bowel!!

wahahahahaha.....some i made up myself la. since she's so into it so i played along with her. =P

After tat, we went for a walk. =)

this is the luxury Crown hotel's lobby.


Ling Jing was thrilled. hehehehe. she is very cute doesn't she. we did had a great time.

Miss u =( =(

Not sure when we will we going to meet again.

found my prince there. hehehe. 'the black horse' =) =)

this is the Southern Cross station. Some how i found this station is much bigger than Flinders. probably its because of the Victorian regional services O.o infact tat it is. LOLL

*tat was my second time dinning there. The first time i went with the Perth mates. It was fun being with them though. =) =) anyway, during nite time, u can watched the fire flames from where u eat. Pretty~~~~*